Ebrahim Derakhshan

Educational background:

Holds a PhD in Marketing Psychology (Sociology major).

Holds a Master of Public Relations degree in Marketing.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations with a focus on community opinion.

Holds a P.S.C., Trinity degree from American Media University in the UAE.
Holds an M.D.R.T degree from the United States since 2010 (membership in the World Association of Professional Sellers).
Passing a specialized course on investment consulting and branding strategy in Empire Hong Kong.
Official member of the information and training base of Farmers insurance group Canada in the Middle East and Iran.
As well as participating in various courses in the country and abroad in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, NLP and …

Ebrahim Derakhshan

Insurance activity records:

Marketer and head of the IT team of Kabir Brokerage Company from 07/22/2004 to 10/30/2005.
Personal Insurance Manager and Sales Manager of Safat Insurance Brokerage Company from 01/08/2008 to 31/04/2009.
Starting to work in Parsian Insurance with agency code 515020 from 05/15/2009 to 02/15/2017.

Member of the Board and Vice President of Amin Iranian Ports Brokerage Company from 01/03/2017 to 15/06/2019.

(Official Insurance Brokerage of the Ports and Shipping Organization of Iran)

Advisor to the CEO of Hafez Insurance Company (Public Joint Stock Company) in market development affairs in 2020

Agent of life insurance sales development project and marketing and sales training in 2012-2013 in Mellat Insurance Company.
Holding a specialized marketing course during the economic recession and insurance marketing without relying on third parties in 4 insurance companies.
Cooperation with Saba Management Development Institute in the field of training the network of representatives of reputable companies in 3 specialized fields of marketing.
Educate applicants to receive official insurance representation in the field of negotiation principles and techniques and identify target markets in insurance companies.
Establishment of ParsInsurance.ir information site with more than 18,000,000 viewers visiting during 2 years as the first and most equipped online insurance store and insurance forum in the country. (With more than 20,000 pages of content approved by the insurance industry)

Ebrahim Derakhshan

Levels obtained during insurance cooperation:

Introduction as a phenomenon of selling life and investment insurance in September 2009 in Parsian Insurance in the country.
The first rank of life insurance sales in terms of number and premiums in 2009-2010 in the country.
First rank of Nowruz Festival of Parsian Insurance Company in 2011.
Receiving the teaching certificate of the Ministry of Science with rank A in the fields

Sales Psychology

Principles and techniques of negotiation

Specialized marketing

From Saba Higher Education Institute, more than 3,000 marketers and representatives in various fields of insurance are trained, some of whom are serving the honorable people of Iran as representatives of various companies.
Training support for more than 1000 representatives in insurance companies in the fields of sales and after-sales service.
Attracting more than 20,000,000,000 Tomans of portfolio in the field of individual life during 3 years of work in this industry.

Ebrahim Derakhshan

Non-insurance records:

Sales and marketing manager of Droudgar wood industries in Iran and Austria.
Exclusive representative of Albatross Italy in the Middle East since 2005.
History of cooperation as an Independent Merchant in companies selling and supplying construction products in the UAE. Exclusive to Albatross Italy in the Middle East since 2005.
Establishment of the first Business Active in internet team in Iran for educational companies in the field of tourism (under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Organization) in 2004.
Creating an email marketing team for the first time in Iran in 2006 for 14 travel agencies and receiving the IATA code and placing the first travel agencies in Iran on Traveling.com.
Senior member of the sales team of Ben Card Company (the first set of creating shopping facilities and discount vouchers in the form of card credit in the country in 2008)

Tipo non-alcoholic beverage research project manager in East Asia.

Baskin Robins Research and Development Project Manager in Iran and 3 countries: Iraq, Thailand and Malaysia.

The official and exclusive representative of the economic activity of Ajibadem Hospital Group of Turkey in Iran from 2018 until today.

Founder and CEO of Danesh Bonyan Donyae Aramesh Parsian Company (Private Limited Company). www.Salamati.me

Idea maker and project manager of Jam Market Holding Informatics, owned by Iranian Jewelry Group. www.Gemmarket.co

Idea maker and project manager of Iranian Art Holding, owned by Art Holding Investment Group. www.MadeInArt.ir

Ebrahim Derakhshan

  • In 2019 the family name was changed from Shaval Manesh to Derakhshan
Ebrahim Derakhshan
Ebrahim Derakhshan
Ebrahim Derakhshan
Ebrahim Derakhshan
Ebrahim Derakhshan
Ebrahim Derakhshan
Ebrahim Derakhshan

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