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Buy and sell works of art


Buy and sell works of art

Threat or opportunity

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Let’s look at this from several perspectives …

Unmediated sale of works of art

From the artists’ point of view:

Artists, based on their education and experience, and sometimes their special and innate abilities, have a variety of skills such as creating works of art, ideation of art and production of unique content in a diverse artistic field, but the question in this article is whether the best option for Sell your artwork too?

Sometimes the best works of art with a pure idea due to lack of professional presentation and incorrect introduction has not been able to achieve its true place in the diverse world of art and certainly the knowledge and ability to offer, advertise and market art is a separate discipline with its complexities.

Unmediated sale of works of art

For fans:

Interested parties also express interest and sometimes buy works of art for various reasons, such as lack of access to artists or the ability to inquire about the authenticity of works of art in an unknown world without standards in the world of other industries.There will be deals and sometimes even comments.

And perhaps the main reason for the lack of sufficient reception in this field, especially in Iran, is the lack of professional infrastructure for presenting works of art and selling without intermediaries or trusted intermediaries in this field.

Unmediated sale of works of art

From the point of view of investors and collectors:

There is no doubt that one of the most profitable and best possible investments in the world is economic activity in the field of art, but with what confidence and relying on which infrastructure can be exploited?

In the past years, good activities have been done in the field of Iranian art, which is definitely not enough, and relying on indigenous culture will require indescribable (very much) time, and technology will have a very good share in this field.

Unmediated sale of works of art

Applied Conclusions

If you follow the existing standards, you will feel a significant reduction in the field of works of art and the purchase of works of art, and we suggest to you, the dignitaries, in the specialized field of marketing the sale of works of art. Or rely on the experience of experts in buying works of art very cautious and specialized.

Unmediated sale of works of art

Iranian Art Holding After a decade of its activity, it has made this important one of its main principles and has started appropriate scientific, financial and technology investments in the field of cooperation with the Iranian art industry (opening of activities in Iran in June 2021 ) And certainly in its structure, selling artwork is an opportunity for the artist, the art industry, historical and cultural support, and so on.

So far (December 2020) we have unveiled 10 of our platforms and it is planned to unveil more than 20 other specialized platforms in various fields of art in Iran and the world by the end of 2021

Good news is on the way …

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