How much does it cost to open an online store?

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How many times have you thought about starting an online store?

How to set up an online store in the shortest time and at the best cost?

Why should we have an online store at all, is it really necessary?

After all, what exactly is the cost and hassle of an online store?


Experts of Iranian Art Holding believe that these are the most important questions in this regard, and there are various other questions, such as:


How will they trust me?

Want an online store license?

What is the approximate income of this job?

How much does it cost to set up?

How do I view customer information?

Do I have to hire people to do this?

How does a customer place an online order?

Is it better for the customer to pay at the time of purchase?

How to have an online store site?

Can I use this job as my second job?

How should products be shipped and delivered to the customer?

What products or services should I sell on the Internet?

I do not know what is the starting point for setting up an online store?



It is good to know that in today’s world, consumers are no longer limited to geographical locations. While in urban life, other people do not want to waste their time in street traffic. Traditional stores have found a strong competitor called the online store. Many people prefer to shop online at traditional stores.

An online store can have an interesting advantage for you as well. Most importantly, you will not need a physical location to offer products and you will not need to spend a significant portion of your income renting a location. In the online store, you can serve thousands of people instantly. By creating an online store you can achieve a very large market with a lot of customers, while your store will be open 24 hours a day.

Note that the process of setting up and using an online store, because it has a direct relationship with your business and income, requires a lot of attention to create it.


In order to be able to take the first step better, it is better to answer the following questions such as the following:

What group are your customers from?
Do you plan to sell a variety of products, or do you work on specific products?

However, it is better to know a little more about the competitors before entering the sales arena.


You must:

Make the idea of building a store site more mature
First try to choose a suitable brand and about it, do a little research in the market and identify your target customers in the market. Even in the beginning, you can share your idea with your friends and family and evaluate the opinions of different people with different tastes.


Register a domain
Domain Registration To set up an online store, the domain name is the same as your site name. Customers enter your site by entering it in the browser of your system or mobile phone.

When registering a domain, be a little more creative and choose a name that fits your business.


Buy a host
Hosting is the space on which all the information of your site is placed, so that everyone can see your site.


Design your website
The site is the showcase of your store. In order to have an attractive showcase, you have to be sensitive to the type of site design. In addition to trying to have an attractive site design, you simply have to be careful.

In designing the site, the focus should be on the benefits of online shopping and should be such that it simplifies the buying process for customers as much as possible.


Build your online store
The store builder section is a possibility that you can design a store site on your site with the need for programming knowledge.


Correct product definition
Before launching an online store, first decide exactly what you want to sell.


Get legal permits and payment gateways
You need to go through the legal process to operate the store and use the online payment gateways. After registering your online store, you must apply for store licenses.


Launch the payment gateway
Setting up a payment gateway To receive a payment gateway, you can go directly to the banks and make the necessary contracts with them. The second method is to use intermediary companies.


Continuous advertising
Some business owners think that they have no other important business after starting and building an online store. Once you have launched your online store, it is time to introduce it to everyone.


Brand your store
One of the good and important tactics is advertising on Google. Some hosting companies, especially those that offer store-building services, give you the ability to rank your site in the top of Google search results. In other words, every time someone searches for a product related to your site on Google, they see your site name in the initial results.


Spend and make a visit

Do not confuse increasing visits with increasing customers!
And of course, there are some profiteering sites that, by promising to increase millions of site visits, not only cause you harm but also waste bandwidth, and more importantly, Google recognizes you as spam and removes your site from Google results and the site You will be destroyed. As a result, not every visit to the site is an opportunity and increase the customer.


Now you need to know how much is the income of an online store?

The income of a good online store depends on various factors such as the popularity of the store, customer satisfaction with the store, the amount of sales and profit of each product and other items.

To infinity …


If you think the steps mentioned for building an online store are complicated,

Our solution for you is to use the partner store section in Iranian Art Holding.


The cost of setting up a well-equipped and professional online store in Iranian Art Holding is obviously free, and you do not pay in advance, nor do you pay for domain and hosting, or you need to go through the above processes, and In general, the costs you pay are very low and not comparable to the cost of having a standalone site.

In Iranian Art Holding, as the top supporter of Iranian art and artists, we have used a very advanced and professional tool, and any artist or collector of works of art can create and manage their own store, just after entering the panel Refer to the menu “Cooperation with Art Holding as a partner store” menu and register your store step by step.

All of the above, including purchases and actions such as customer acquisition or field advertising, etc., have been planned and implemented for you dear ones completely free of charge in Iranian Art Holding.

Study complete information


Don’t forget, if customers have a good experience of your store, they will become one of your regular fans.


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