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Synonyms collection: album, collection

Collecting is not just a hobby; Today, this activity is considered part of the path that leads to preserving the culture and history of a society.

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What are the positive effects of collecting for you?

According to psychologists, people’s goals for collecting a set of objects are different. Usually one of the goals of collectors is to show their collection and receive praise from visitors. In this way, part of the character of the person’s arrogance and performance satisfies and increases self-confidence in him, which is not a negative point and is not a sign of personality disorder but a sign of the inner need of all people to show and receive positive feedback and admiration. Other positive effects of collection include:

Strengthens the skills of seeing and paying attention to details and makes us professional seekers.

It organizes our thoughts. Since classification and orderliness are an integral part of collecting, this will lead to more productive thinking and decision-making even in other tasks of life. Increases our ability to recognize patterns. Classifying objects enhances our ability to recognize common features and identify differences in a pattern.

It awakens in us the desire for more knowledge. Our desire to learn more about collections leads us to learn more.

It promotes creativity. Collectors tend to collect objects that are related to the spirits, talents, interests, and space in which they live, and they use their knowledge to combine them in new ways and come up with a new idea.

The sense of responsibility for a good result grows in us. The collector’s effort to preserve and take care of the collected subject is a sign of a diligent personality to achieve the goal.

Strengthens social relationships. Finding other people with similar interests can be an opportunity for great friendships.

It is a way to get into a profession and a job. A child who collects stones may develop an interest in geology as an adult. Sell and complete specialized collections

Reduces stress and anxiety in us. Psychoanalysts believe that some people alleviate their anxiety by collecting objects.

It strengthens a good sense of investment and hope for the future and relieves the collector’s mind of financing its future. It promotes the culture, art and science of any country. It is possible that historical, cultural and scientific collections will be donated to scientific and research centers in the coming years and will be of more general use.

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What are the simple collections to collect?

Factors such as interest, financial strength, value added and return on investment are important to choose. The financial capacity of the interested person should be commensurate with the price of the items he collects in his collection Stamps, coins, banknotes, matches, photographs, glasses, rosaries, lighters, etc. are the most common pastimes of people all over the world. Any rare item that is more difficult or expensive to collect will naturally be less likely to be collected. For example, a collection of classic cars, precious stones, exquisite carpets, manuscripts, paintings, etc. requires a level of financial ability that only the rich can afford, and people with lower incomes can afford one of the cheaper collections such as stamps, banknotes, and Choose common coins.

Pens and erasers, glasses, bottles, locks and keys, stones, shells, souvenirs and small souvenirs from all over the world, etc. are a collection of collections that are interesting for young people. The collection of colored stones is very attractive. In addition to beauty and financial value, stones also have healing properties that can be used.

Dealing with stamps and collecting various images, in addition to having fun times for us, also adds a lot of knowledge to our knowledge. Our collection of stamps grows like a savings account as it expands.

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What are the dangers and problems of collecting in Iran?

Fraudsters and profiteers are always lurking to take advantage of your interests in any way. Knowing what items are scarce and of interest to collectors, these people produce and sell counterfeit samples of those items. Unfortunately, it has been seen a lot that collectors have suffered a lot in this way. Another point is what goods are worth buying and maintaining. In most collectible categories such as coins, banknotes, stamps, etc., there are books that have specialized in guiding and valuing collectibles and are easily accessible. It is better for novice enthusiasts to prepare their collection with confidence by referring to these books and using the experiences of experts and referring to reputable and well-known sellers.

One of the problems of collection management in Iran is the storage of collections. Unfortunately, almost all collectors keep these cultural and artistic works in their homes, which is a very wrong thing to do. Both occupy the space of the house and the complexes are more at risk, such as theft, fire or humidity, and can be harmful to the health of family members. For example, historical documents, papers, and history books may cause allergies. The presence of matches can be dangerous and create a toxic environment, and on the other hand, these works can be exposed to danger, humidity, light and high heat or other damages in the house.

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Who are the Iranian collectors?

For some reasons, such as theft, news coverage, extortion, taxes, etc., some collectors are reluctant to display their collections. Nevertheless, we introduce some prominent Iranian collectors who have published their collections in the media.

Farhad Havakhah, born in 1342 and living in Bojnourd, has a collection of toy cars. He, who is a repairman for heavy vehicles, has been collecting this collection of 1500 numbers for 40 years.

Mohammad Saleh Abdolsamadi has collected a collection of eight thousand colored pencils from 49 countries for about 70 years and for the first time since 1327. He hopes to continue to expand the collection to a world record of about 12,000 pencils It is currently the first in the country in terms of the number of pencils collected and the first in the world in terms of the age of pencils.

Hafiz Nazari has more than 850 cameras. Cameras are even priced at brochures and labels. These cameras are very old, such as the 80-year-old silent video camera made in Germany or the small spy camera made in West Germany and several binoculars.

According to the Cultural Heritage Organization, Seyyed Ahmad Atai is the largest Iranian collector with more than 66 collections of objects over 35 years. Among the owners of Iran’s largest motorcycle collection is 273 motorcycles from World War II to 35 years ago, three gliding planes and 25 cars since 1928.

Hossein Ravanpour, born in 1325, has an exquisite collection by collecting more than 25,000 matches in about 50 years. In his collection, the first advertisement of Bank Melli, the longest and smallest match in the world, the first match of Iran and appropriate matches can be seen

Sholeh Jalili, born in 1333 in Tabriz, has a collection of historical and traditional Iranian shoes. He is a member of the Iranian Tourism Association and a researcher of traditional Iranian footwear, and has identified more than 200 pairs of these shoes with great difficulty.

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