Issuance, sales and specialized NFT advertising worldwide

A new and special service for the companions of Iranian Art Holding

Perform all the steps of exporting and importing your artwork into the world of digital art in a specialized way
And the use of scientific expertise of virtual marketing and international branding specialists and ...
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people

As we have done in various articles to inform about a new service in the world art industry called NFT ( Reading articles ) and based on the main policy of Iranian Art Holding to support Iranian art and artists, we decided to create, train and use this capability in the service portfolio of Iranian Art Holding.

In this menu, you can issue NFT for your physical and digital works of art, and technology experts in Iranian Art Holding will be by your side as an expert and trustworthy expert in all stages.

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Active platforms in the field of creating, buying and selling NFT, a partner in Iranian Art Holding

NFT in Iranian Art Holding

What is nft games, what is nft cover

List and link of official NFT brokerages in the world in which the holding operates

Free nft instant purchase, how to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

Each of these platforms has its own characteristics and rules. For example, in Mikerspolis, people must have an invitation from other artists to make NFT (these services are available at Iranian Art Holding) or prove that they are an artist by filling out a form; But in open and rebellious platforms, NFT does not need to be introduced and, of course, has its complexities for professional publishing.

What is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

  • Update November 1400
  • (Unfortunately, during the recent days, Iran’s IP is closed for using the services of these platforms, and there is a possibility of disruption to connect to user accounts from Iran in the coming days)

How to make nft

Services available in this section include:

  1. Creating a valid virtual wallet for the artist to receive digital currencies and cash in on transaction revenues in Iran and the world
  2. Creating a valid account on the world’s leading platforms for initial creation and NFT sales worldwide without restrictions
  3. Create a single or group NFT for the artist’s desired works on world-renowned platforms in a completely secure and personal way in the artist’s account
  4. Buying and selling NFTs available on the Iranian Art Holding platform completely legally and directly from the artist or NFT owner
  5. And whatever you have in this specialized field, you will have needs related to sales, receiving Google input, backlinks, and so on.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

It should be mentioned that all these actions will be done by credit and debit cards completely legally and in the United States with ip and American contact information by the colleagues of Iranian Art Holding for you dear ones.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

A brief description of the procedure

You, as the creator or owner of the artwork, decide whether to use NFT or “Non-fungible token” for your intended work. * In this case, you have to go through several steps that sometimes require expertise and basic international information, such as: Creating a virtual wallet and connecting to valid exchange offices inside and outside the country or basic computer information to act and access the foreign exchange account to pay the basic fee, creation or valid international information to create a valid work ID and …

*A unique digital asset. Unlike Bitcoin, Atrium, and other digital currencies that are replicable and have interchangeable units, each NFT unit has its own characteristics that set it apart from the other units. Or can be bought and sold with the work of art and will have added value in case of specialized support in the field of information and advertising (branding)

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

The duration of this action for each work is about 72 hours if the required documents are completed by the applicant.
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Costs for NFT issuance include:

The cost of the platform of your choice for creating NFT tokens ( determined by your chosen broker which depends on the time of purchase and increase and decrease of the dollar price and of course the price of digital currency)

The cost of creating and charging a virtual wallet with the ability to receive and pay internationally and of course convert currency to digital currency is required. (Which is completely free on most regular platforms)

The cost of transferring tokens on some platforms if you need to change or duplicate tokens for better sales. (Normally you do not need these services except as a custom)

The cost of expert and expert advice, after-sales advice for sale and action to create and export NFT, and the cost of translating your text and the specifications and features of your works into at least 3 international languages

The use of special marketing services for NFTs issued by you and support for sales and marketing worldwide can also be implemented by the marketing experts of the holding. (At least possible)

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

  • Updated November 2021
  • Due to the special conditions of currency (dollars) and digital currency currently in Iran and the filtering of Iranian ips in all active platforms and the need to act from abroad with a valid address, all services provide export and support with a fixed ip from the United States.
  • At your request, a usable foreign currency account and virtual wallet information belonging to Iranian Art Holding can also be used in this section for indirect deposit.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

And your income from using NFT artwork includes:

Sale of initial tokens to interested parties or partnerships for sale with NFT active action rooms worldwide

Receive a percentage of all future transactions of this token without the useful life specified by you

Selling the original work of art, which is sometimes much more valuable and valuable with the credit created by the token

Increase the credibility of the artist or owner with each token transaction and increase the price of physical and virtual assets

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

Detailed description of the steps of issuing NFT works of art in Iranian Art Holding:

  1. You need to read the above content and related articles in theblogsection and choose your platform based on the category of your work.
  2. Choose the artwork you want to convert to NFT from among your works and create the highest quality photo.
  3. Prepare a description that includes all the features of the work of art and a brief description of the creation of that work of art. (According to the information required in the table below the sheet)
  4. Fill in the form below this sheet and send us the above information accurately and without any problems. (Related expert will contact you as soon as possible)
  5. Within 72 hours at most, your electronic wallet and your account will be created on the platform of your choice and its information will be emailed to you and notified.
  6. At this stage, we will receive the NFT issuance fee on your platform and announce the exact issuance fee.
  7. You can recharge your e-wallet or create a virtual holding account wallet, after depositing within 72 hours of your NFT and its information and link will be sent to you.
  8. the whole. You have an original NFT version in cyberspace in your name and for your artwork.

Note: If the work of art is real, you can convert its image to NFT token and sell the original work in the token description with NFT.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

Detailed description of the steps of NFTsupport, marketing and advertising of works of art in Iranian Art Holding:

  1. It is better to know that at the time of NFT token issuance, this token needs validation and branding in internet search engines.
  2. Your token validation and advertising pack includes:
  • Creating backlinks from reputable art sites such as Pinterest is for your token URL (meaning that a link is created from reputable sites to your NFT token address)
  • 10 pieces per month
  • Search Keywords: Name, feature, artist name, etc. in reliable search engines with a staggered number during certain days
  • 500 pieces per month
  • Click on the suggested option of search engines related to your token link in different search engines like Google
  • 1000 pieces per month
  • Random clicks by various mobile and computer platforms on your token address in the search menu of your token issuer platform in 6 languages
  • 500 pieces per month
  • Registering your NFT token in the “Digital Art” category in the Iranian Art Holding store as a valid backlink and accompanied by an online advertisement in 6 languages and the ability to place an order to buy an NFT token along with the original artwork (offline)
  • Click to view the menu

Free nft instant purchase, how to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

3. Internet validation makes search engines and mass communication software recommend your token for purchase when someone searches for words related to your NFT.

  • These measures are done in one-month (amount of 11.66 $), quarterly (amount of 30 $) and 6-month (amount of 53.33 $) packs.

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tip : Place an ad order when your NFT token is enabled.

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Update 2022
  • When it comes to paying for NFT tokens to nft issuance platforms, it needs to be explained that, for example, OpenC receives a 2.5% of the price you pay for selling tokens, and when you want to register your nft for sale. This payment is made by your virtual wallet. You have 2 ways:
  • 1. Create an account in internal digital exchanges:
  • You can create a free currency (digital) account and use it in buying and selling NFT use the link below and according to the agreements, you can use a 10% discount on the transaction fee for 6 months.
  • 2. Deposit the amount from the Holding Virtual Wallet account to your wallet where the Atrium Network fee “ERC20” (the holding does not charge) is 0.00625 Atrium (about $ 20) and the minimum transferable fee is 0.01000000. (About $ 35)

Buy and sell cheap nft, sell Iranian nft

June 1401 update
  • By connecting the American hybrid servers of Iranian Art Holding site to the infrastructure of the OpenC site (as the most active platform for issuing and selling NFT in Iran), from this date, all those who work in various fields related to NFT can choose the option ” Registration of gallery works from Open C in the holding store “In the form below this page, display all the works of your choice in a collection from the OpenC internal gallery as a backlink and a standard representative of search engines in the category of digital works of art in the Iranian Art Holding online store and use the valid backlink feature. and can be used for direct purchase in 6 languages.

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You can send us your request to use various services in the fields related to NFT by completing the form below

Nft free site, get free nft, nft iran, what is nft art, nft auction, nft build programs

"*" indicates required fields

Information contained in the NFT token

Art upload image section

Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, svg, mp4, webm, mp3, wav, ogg, glb, gltf, jpeg, Max. file size: 3 MB.
Make sure the file is without watermark and text, and if the file size is higher than 3 MB, contact us

Financial section of NFT services

The subject of your request*

Confirmation of NFT service request form information

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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If you have trouble reducing the size of your photos, reduce the size of your photos from the site Resize PhotosUse the number 1200 in the wigth section, select Quality number 95, and after uploading and resizing, download the final file and use it in this form.

If you have a problem to send by the above loading system, after completing all the fields of the form, by receiving the tracking code, you can send the mentioned items to by registering the tracking code of your form in the email. here you are

And if you do not have access to e-mail, you can contact the support units of Iranian Art Holding to send the works as a DVD.

nft crypto nft price how to create an nft nft crypto coinsnft examples nft games

You can also take effective action to support this art and artists in cyberspace platforms to support Iranian art and artists.

Share and inform this art event at:

Buy and sell works of art, buy and sell works of art

Ask your questions in the comments section, we are proud to answer.

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