A scientific and specialized service for Iranian artists

Buying and selling, issuing and specialized advertising of NFT and Metaverse exhibition worldwide

Carrying out all the steps of issuing NFT and entering your artwork into the world of digital art in a specialized way and using the scientific expertise of virtual marketing and international branding specialists.
You just make a decision and leave the work to trusted experts to enter the unlimited market of metaverse and cryptocurrencies.

As in various articles, we informed about a new service in the world art industry called NFT ( Reading articles ) and based on the main policy of Iranian Art Holding to support Iranian art and artists, we decided to create, train and use this capability in the service portfolio of Iranian Art Holding, you can issue NFT for physical works of art and take your digital action and the experts in the field of technology in Iranian Art Holding will be by your side as a trusted expert in all stages.

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Active platforms in the field of creating, buying and selling NFT, a partner in Iranian Art Holding

NFT in Iranian Art Holding

What is nft games, what is nft cover

List and link of official NFT brokerages in the world in which the holding operates

Free nft instant purchase, how to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

Each of these platforms has its own characteristics and rules. For example, in Makersplace, people must have an invitation from other artists to make NFT (this service is available in Iranian Art Holding) or prove that they are an artist by filling out a form; But in Opensea and Riable platforms, NFT production does not need a reagent, and of course, they have their own complications for the professional release of an NFT token.

What is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

  • Update November 1400
  • (Unfortunately, during the recent days, Iran’s IP is closed for using the services of these platforms, and there is a possibility of disruption to connect to user accounts from Iran in the coming days)

How to make nft

Services available in this section include:

  1. Creating a valid virtual wallet for the artist to receive digital currencies and cash in on transaction revenues in Iran and the world
  2. Creating a valid account on the world’s leading platforms for initial creation and NFT sales worldwide without restrictions
  3. Create single or group NFT for the artist’s desired works on world-famous platforms in a completely safe and personal way in the artist’s user account
  4. Buying and selling of NFTs available on the Iranian Art Holding platform is completely legal and directly from the artist or the owner of the NFT.
  5. And whatever you need in this specialized field related to sales, receiving Google input, backlinks, etc., you will have.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

It should be mentioned that all these actions will be done by credit and debit cards completely legally and in the United States with ip and American contact information by the colleagues of Iranian Art Holding for you dear ones.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

A brief description of the procedure

As the creator or owner of the artwork, you decide to use NFT or “Non-fungible token” for your desired work. * In this case, you have to go through several steps that sometimes require expertise and basic international information, such as: Creating a virtual wallet and connected to valid exchanges inside and outside the country, or basic computer information to act and access a foreign currency account to pay the basic fee, or valid international information to create a valid birth certificate, etc.

*A unique digital asset. Unlike Bitcoin, Atrium, and other digital currencies that are replicable and have interchangeable units, each NFT unit has its own characteristics that set it apart from the other units. Or can be bought and sold with the work of art and will have added value in case of specialized support in the field of information and advertising (branding)

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Typical costs for NFT issuance include:

The commission fee of your chosen platform for creating NFT tokens, which is determined by your chosen broker, depends on the time of purchase and the rise and fall of the dollar price, and of course, the price of digital currency. (Read the spring 2022 update)

The cost of creating and charging a virtual wallet with the ability to receive and pay internationally and of course convert currency to digital currency is required. (which is completely free on most common Iranian and international platforms)

The cost of transferring tokens on some platforms if you need to change or duplicate tokens for better sales. ( Normally, this service is not needed except for customized advertising services in the NFT field )

The cost of specialized and expert advice, post-issuance advice for sale and action to create and issue NFT, and the cost of translating your text and the specifications and features of your works into at least 3 international languages.

The use of special marketing services for NFTs issued by you and support for sales and marketing worldwide can also be implemented by the marketing experts of the holding. (at least possible in Art Holding)

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

  • Updated November 2021
  • Considering the special conditions of the currency (dollar) and digital currency currently in Iran and the filtering of Iranian IPs in all active platforms in the world and the need to act from abroad with a valid address for issuance, All export and support services are done with fixed IP and from America.
  • At your request, a usable foreign currency account and virtual wallet information belonging to Iranian Art Holding can also be used in this section for indirect deposit.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

And your income in using services and activities in the field of NFT works of art include:

The possibility of selling the initial token to interested parties or partnering with action rooms active in the field of NFT globally

  • The sales amount is directly deposited into your virtual wallet account and can easily be cashed by domestic online exchanges.

Receive a percentage of all future transactions of this token without the useful life specified by you

  • Ability to set earning in all future transactions of your NFT token without time limit and number of transactions

The sale of the original work of art, sometimes with the credit created by the token, is much more valuable

  • You can offer the original artwork with or without the NFT digital token and with the created credit

Increase the credibility of the artist or owner with each token transaction and increase the price of physical and virtual assets

  • The branding activity of artwork and artist in the virtual space can also be done like in the real activity space

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

Detailed description of the steps of issuing NFT works of art in Iranian Art Holding:

  1. It is necessary to read the above content and related articles in the blog section and choose your platform based on the category of your work.
  2. Choose the artwork you want to convert to NFT from among your works and create the highest quality photo.
  3. Prepare a description that includes all the features of the work of art and a brief description of the creation of that work of art. (According to the required information in the form below the sheet)
  4. Fill in the form below this sheet and send us the above information accurately and without any problems. (Related expert will contact you as soon as possible)
  5. Within 72 hours at most, your electronic wallet and your account will be created on the platform of your choice and its information will be emailed to you and notified.
  6. If you wish, you can charge and pay the Mint fee (token activation on some platforms) in your virtual wallet.
  7. the whole. You have an original NFT version in cyberspace in your name and for your artwork.

tip: If the work of art is real, you can convert its image into NFT token and sell the original work in the description of the token along with NFT.

How to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

Detailed description of Iranian Art Holding services for issuing NFT of artwork:

After receiving the application form below, which has been completed by you, our experts will start working in different departments:

  • In the first stage, our experts will approve or provide advice for the selling price of NFT tokens according to the research and development of the market available on the platform and the type of your artwork.
  • (It is very important to calibrate the price of the artwork in the international space and your chosen platform, but the final decision is yours)
  • In the second step, your proposed text will be rewritten by the website content production colleagues with valid words in the world’s search metadata.
  • (This is a very specialized and effective action in discovering your token by search engines and virtual space search engines)
  • In the third stage, the final texts are translated by the holding’s translators in two groups into three languages (English, Chinese, French) or (Chinese, Arabic, English).
  • (This type of translation is done according to the market related to your artwork and it is very important for your NFT token to be trilingual)
  • In the fourth step, with your private information (email address), your personal metamask virtual wallet and NFT token will be issued and the security information will be sent to you by an email.
  • (All export procedures from America are done by a fixed and reliable IP, which makes brokers insensitive to the current service restrictions in Iran)
Free nft instant purchase, how to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

The cost of specialized NFT token issuance : This action can be done for 500,000 Tomans (or 12 dollars) for your first artwork and 250,000 Tomans (or 6 dollars) each for the rest of your artworks.

tip :The duration of this action for each work is about 72 hours if the required documents are completed by the applicant.

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Detailed description of the steps Support، Marketing and Advertisement NFT artwork in Iranian Art Holding:

  1. It is better to know that after issuing the NFT token of your artwork, this token needs validation and branding in internet search engines to be seen by potential customers.
  2. Your token validation and advertising pack includes:
  • Creating backlinks from reputable art sites such as Pinterest for your NFT token URL (in the sense that a link is created from reputable sites to your NFT token address)
  • 10 pieces per month
  • Search Keywords: Name, feature, artist name, etc. in reliable search engines with a staggered number during certain days
  • 500 pieces per month
  • Click on the suggested option of search engines related to your token link in different search engines like Google
  • 1000 pieces per month
  • Random clicks by various mobile and computer platforms on your token address in the search menu of your token issuer platform in 6 languages
  • 500 pieces per month
  • Register your NFT token in the “Digital Art” category in Iranian Art Holding store as a valid backlink and online advertisement in 6 languages, and the ability to place an order to purchase nft tokens and the original artwork (offline).
  • Click to see the digital artwork sales menu in the store

Free nft instant purchase, how to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

3. Internet validation makes search engines and mass communication software recommend your token for purchase when someone searches for words related to your NFT.

Free nft instant purchase, how to buy nft, what is the best way to buy nft in Iran, nft

The cost of advertising and validation : These measures are carried out in one-month (in the amount of 450,000 t), three-month (in the amount of 1,200,000 t) and 6-month (in the amount of 2,000,000 t) packs that can be extended.

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tip : Place the advertisement order when your NFT token is issued and active.

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Update 2022
  • In the issue of paying the NFT token issuance fee to NFT issuing platforms, it is necessary to explain that, for example, Opensea receives 2.5% of the price you register for token sale as a fee, and when you want to register your nft for sale Note that this payment is made by your virtual wallet, you have 2 options:
  • 1. Create an account in internal digital exchanges:
  • You can create a free currency (digital) account and use it in buying and selling NFT use the link below and according to the agreements, you can use a 10% discount on the transaction fee for 6 months.

  • 2. Deposit the amount from the Holding Virtual Wallet account to your wallet where the Atrium Network fee “ERC20” (the holding does not charge) is 0.00625 Atrium (about $ 20) and the minimum transferable fee is 0.01000000. (About $ 35)

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June 1401 update
  • By connecting the American hybrid servers of Iranian Art Holding site to the infrastructure of the Opensea site (as the most active platform for issuing and selling NFT in Iran), from this date, all those who work in various fields related to NFT can choose the option ” Registration of gallery works from Opensea in the holding store “In the form below this page, display all the works of your choice in a collection from the Opensea internal gallery as a backlink and a standard reference to search engines in the category of digital works of art in the Iranian Art Holding online store and use the back function. Valid and usable link for direct purchase in 6 languages.

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Update February 2021
  • Due to the issuance of more than 8000 valid NFT tokens on various platforms during the last year and access to comprehensive information of artists active in this field at the world level in various fields of Iranian arts, from now on it is possible to provide specialized services in consulting and purchase proposals And we have valid investment in various areas of Metaverse and purchase of profitable tokens, and you can contact us to receive specialized information on buying and investing in the NFT field. ( View our contact form )

    Buy and sell free nft, sell artistic nft

April 2022 update
  • In the Opensea platform, which is one of the most used infrastructures used by Iranian artists; The payment of the issuance fee (GAS Fee) has been removed, and you, as an exporting artist, can register your artwork and leave the payment of the issuance fee to the buyer, in this situation, you can pay the previous mandatory issuance fees for advertising and validation. Spend your tokens, which are very important and practical for Iranian works of art in displaying and selling NFT tokens.

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June 2022 update
  • Relying on the recent successful experiences and of course access to overseas specialists, we have also added a new self-service to the scientific and specialized services of NFT and Metaverse Iranian Art Holding.
Metaverse activity, selling Metaverse artwork, free Metaverse, opening a free Metaverse account
Providing specialized and international service in the field of Metaverse

Selling painting in Metaverse, selling artwork in Metaverse, buying and selling artwork in Metaverse

  • A detailed description of specialized services in the field of art metaverse in Iranian Art Holding:

  • Register on your requested platform
  • Providing various proposals for the purchase of Metaversi land or a place to display works in the related space
  • Buying space crypto for you with your information and professional panel settings
  • Upload 5 works in the purchased space along with information and customization
  • Providing detailed information and specialized advice on advertising and display on related platforms
  • 3-month support and response to your potential customers in Metaverse space

For more information on the article ( What is metaverse and its application in the field of art ) Study and from the section Registration of specialized services in the field of metaverse Register and send your request in the form below

Buying crypto land, buying Metaverse land, Metaverse training, specialized training in Metaverse field

Send us your request to use specialized and diverse services in the fields related to NFT

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"*" indicates required fields

NFT issuance or standardization request section

All fields are required to issue NFT tokens If you need other services and do not need to issue, do not complete
Special issuance and standardization services
The file must be without watermark and text and extensions JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF, Jpeg Can be approved and issued with a maximum volume of 3 MB
jpg extension with a maximum size of 1 MB
jpg extension with a maximum size of 1 MB

Specialized advertisement request and validation section

If you need other services and you don't need ads, don't complete
Advertising and validation services can be provided

Registration of specialized services in the field of metaverse

If you need other services and do not need Metaversi services, do not complete
Services that can be provided in the field of Metaversi exhibition

Completion of information and final registration of NFT service request

In the field of providing the aforementioned services, the holding company has no mandatory partnership or fee for your future success, and the above announcement fee is only the fee for providing scientific and specialized services.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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If you are having trouble uploading your images, search Google to reduce their size. Reduce the size of the photo without reducing the quality And in the wight section, select 500 and Quality 85, and after uploading and resizing, download the final file and use it in this form.

If you have a problem sending a large file, audio, video or book by the above upload system, you can send the mentioned items to the email after completing all the form fields by receiving the tracking code. Take action by registering your form tracking code in the email

nft crypto nft price how to create an nft nft crypto coinsnft examples nft games

You can also take effective action to support this art and artists in cyberspace platforms to support Iranian art and artists.

Share and inform this art event at:

Buy and sell works of art, buy and sell works of art

Ask your questions in the comments section, we are proud to answer.

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