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Iranian Art Holding believes that the principles of privacy and user information are very important and sensitive. In this document, the principles of confidentiality of Iranian Art Holding information and also the strategies of Iranian Art Holding for the protection of privacy and information of the users of Iranian Art Holding website are explained.

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The contents of this document

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This document includes an explanation of the private information that the Iranian Art Holding collects from site users, as well as how the Iranian Art Holding uses this information. This information includes items that are specific to each user and can be used to uniquely identify Iranian Art Holding users. Examples include names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other information that is not normally available to the public.
This document does not address issues that are not available to the Iranian Art Holding and the Iranian Art Holding has no control over them. Customer companies of Iranian Art Holding Services and third parties who are not employed by Iranian Art Holding, as well as the information registered in Whois, the user’s domain name are among these cases.

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An important point about copyright and ownership

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Unfortunately, due to the lack of civil property law in Iran and the lack of copyright and patent law, in Iranian Art Holding, in order to respect this law, the time of registration and sharing of each product and store on the Art Holding website is the time of origin. The ownership of the work and the method and type of goods and names will belong to the first registrant.

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Collected information and how to use it

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By registering and sending order and support forms on the Iranian Art Holding website, you provide your private information such as name, address, e-mail address, etc. to Iranian Art Holding.
After entering the Iranian Art Holding website, you are not an unknown user and information about your use of Iranian Art Holding’s services is kept. This information includes orders and transactions, services used, personal information and the like, but is not limited to these cases.
Iranian Art Holding collects and maintains all your transactions, including financial transactions.
Iranian Art Holding automatically collects and stores information such as your IP, Iranian Art Holding cookie information, and the pages you view after you log in to the Iranian Art Holding website.
Iranian Art Holding uses this information for some purposes, such as upgrading the services of Iranian Art Holding, providing appropriate content, advertising programs and the like.

Iranian Art Holding protects the interests of Iranian art and artists in the world

Iranian Art Holding does not rent, sell or share your information, except in the following cases:
If the Iranian Art Holding merges with another company. In this case, before sharing your information, you will be notified and asked for your opinion on continuing to use the services of Iranian Art Holding or complete withdrawal.
If you violate the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service, and if there is a private plaintiff against your performance, your information will be made available to legal authorities.
If the judicial authorities want your information from the Iranian Art Holding for any reason, this information will be provided to them.
Iranian Art Holding may store cookies on your computer and use them on your next visit to the Iranian Art Holding website.

Iranian Art Holding protects the interests of Iranian art and artists in the world
Edit and change personal information

Iranian Art Holding protects the interests of Iranian art and artists in the world
You can change your registered information on the Iranian Art Holding website. This information includes all the information that you have entered on the Iranian Art Holding website when you are a member of the Iranian Art Holding; Except for those who, in terms of identifying their identity for the operation of the Iranian Art Holding, have the criteria for account security, such as email and last name, and so on.
You can completely get out of the Iranian Art Holding and all its services. In this case, some of your information will be removed from the Iranian Art Holding, and a number of others will be archived for at least a year. This information includes name, surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number, text messages and the like, but is not limited to the above.

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Limit access to information

Iranian Art Holding restricts the access of your employees to your information, and only employees who are in direct contact with you to provide Iranian Art Holding services or perform their duties in this regard have access to this information.
In order to maintain the security of confidential information, Iranian Art Holding may store important information such as passwords and passwords encrypted in its databases in such a way that in case of unauthorized and unauthorized access to them, this information can be used by others. No; However, we cannot give you any guarantee in this regard.
We hope we can guarantee that your personal information will be used in accordance with the highest security standards. We hope we can guarantee that your personal information will be used in accordance with the highest security standards. Also, your personal information is stored on secure networks, but unfortunately, despite the above technology and security tools, the security of any data transmission over the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100%. Therefore, we cannot guarantee for sure that the information you send to us will be safe in any situation during sending (transmission) and in addition we cannot be responsible for incidents resulting from illegal access to your personal information. Let’s accept. (Like ISPs have access to information sent from your computer.) Iranian Art Holding will not be responsible for the consequences of illegally accessing your personal information by a third party or group.

Linked sites
This site may be linked to other websites (“link sites”). The linked sites are not under the supervision of the Iranian Art Holding and the Iranian Art Holding is not responsible for them. You should note that the personal information you send to Link sites will not be monitored by the Privacy Policy of Iranian Art Holding, and we strongly recommend that you be aware of their privacy system and security policies.

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Changes in these policies

The Iranian Art Holding has the right to make changes to the text of this policy at any time without prior notice. Although we try to inform all users about the changes through email, but users are obliged to keep informed about the changes by constantly referring to this text and if they disagree with it, request to stop their service or leave the Iranian Art Holding site. and do not refer to it. Otherwise, all possible consequences will be on the users.

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Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions about these policies or suggestions for changes and improvements, please contact us using the Iranian Art Holding Team.

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