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Get to know a little more about the colleagues, ideas and aspirations of the Iranian Art Holding team

After more than 25 years of activity in various fields of informatics and experience of developing various businesses with knowledgeable and reliable professors and companions of this industry, we have decided to provide access to global markets for different segments of the Iranian art industry.

Iranian Art Holding is registered as a global brand and has been active for the last 10 years in fields related to buying and selling Iranian works of art in global markets.

Cultural and artistic institute “Hami Hanar Mana” with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Registration Office of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions in Tehran – Iran

Legal activity in the country with topics such as:
  • Establishment of the gallery
  • Holding art tours and camps
  • Opening of visual arts campus
  • Opening and operation of the workshop and art studio
  • Holding an expo (exhibition and sale) and auction of works of art
  • Opening and operation of virtual and in-person galleries
  • Opening and operation of a permanent personal exhibition (Museum Gallery)
  • Holding live educational workshops of visual arts (Workshop)
  • Holding exhibitions, biennials and periodical festivals of visual arts
  • Holding conferences and seminars, meetings and reviewing works of visual arts
  • Visual arts activities (graphics, painting, painting, calligraphy, illustration, caricature, ceramics, volumes, etc.)

It can be programmed, operated and implemented under the said license.

Cultural and artistic institution supporting Mana art
He is the legal owner of the “Iranian Art Holding” and “Bazarek” brands and the logos used on the sites in Iran and active countries (registered in Wipo Madrid).
About Iran’s art information base MADE IN ART

Patron of the art of Mana

Iranian Art Holding

Iranian Art Holding Group under the supervision of Art Holding Investment Group more than 20 years ago with the presence of a group of experts; Elites and enthusiasts in the field of recognition and confirmation of works of art, activity in the field of buying and selling and recognition of precious stones and jewelry and holding exhibitions of works of art outside of Iran, limited auctions and activities in the field of domestic and international marketing in the field of works of art Ancient and contemporary established its core.

Later, by establishing training centers for identifying and cutting precious stones and jewelry, and cooperating with some design workshops abroad; Special cooperation and investment in the production and production of unique works of art in major cities of the country and, of course, specialized activities in the field of marketing and art information in different countries were able to obtain golden leaves in this industry.

These activities have continued and by eliminating the shortcomings according to the needs of the community in coordination and cooperation with loyal customers, we have been able to continue to provide better services to enthusiasts, investors and artists internationally through cyberspace platforms, buying, presenting and selling. In the Internet platform, we should add to our style of activity and provide the necessary readiness to provide better and wider services.


Iranian Art Holding is a very advanced platform designed according to the needs of the Iranian art industry and the world with the ability to provide a variety of services to artists and art lovers around the world.

Your smallest effort for the advancement of Iranian art:

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Specialized support for contemporary Iranian artists and ancient works of art in the world


Our mission is to provide professional advice to artists and to always support their creation


For the first time in Iran, we have taken on the task of informing enthusiasts and specialized cooperation with artists in the new world of cyberspace.
And we definitely need your help to upgrade and improve

Attracting artistic ideas, collaborating with artists, buying and selling works of art, buying and selling works of art, buying art, specialized art sales

We are the most creative and professional

درباره هلدینگ هنر ایرانیان

Experts confirm the authenticity

Scientific recognition and global approval

درباره هلدینگ هنر ایرانیان

Neutral review

Reliable experts

درباره هلدینگ هنر ایرانیان

Expert art experts

Combining experience and talent

درباره هلدینگ هنر ایرانیان

IT Professional Engineers

The best design and construction

Ebrahim Derakhshan

project manager

Arts and cultural Foundation

“Hami Honar Mana”

Activity resume

Mohammad Jaber Al-Ansari

International Department Manager

Mahnaz Shawal Manesh

Director and expert of works of art
Chairman of the Board

Arts and cultural Foundation

“Hami Honar Mana”

Activity resume

Matin Davarnia

Director of Public Relations

Haniyeh Kamali

Responsible for SEO

Fatemeh Shirazi

Mass Communication Manager

Ali Dust Dar

Content and training

Mobin Kashfi

Template designer and translator

Ali Abedini

Programming Manager

Hamed Karimi

Speaker, Narrator

Ahmed Habibi

Accounting Manager

Yashar Ahmadian

Vendor Support

Reza Managatlu

Supply of goods (direct)

Sanaz Razi

Photographer and graphic artist

Shirin Naseri

Online support operator

We are grateful for the kindness of all our loved ones and active colleagues during the success of this project in Iran and the world, and we apologize for not being able to name all of these honorable people…

In the first year of Instagram activity, we have connected with more than 10,000 interested people, and some of them commented in the comments.

We are proud to offer
Be a member of our development team and colleagues at Iranian Art Holding
Be a partner and partner with us...
More than 20 people in the think tank, more than 20 IT partners and developers, more than 30 different art partners and mentors, more than 500 suppliers, respected studio managers, and special people in the network Extensive Iranian Art Holding is active and cooperating. (Variable)

Join us

Group thinking and action = creating added value

Buying and selling artwork, buying artwork, selling art online, selling artwork online

Iranian Art Holding has the ability to hold management meetings, marketing and holding various exhibitions in

The United States has New York City, South Africa Puerto Rico, Switzerland Bern, the United Arab Emirates Dubai and Bangkok Thailand.

And in Iran, in Tehran and Isfahan, it is possible to provide specialized support to artists, enthusiasts and respectable investors

Buy and sell works of art, buy and sell works of art

You can also take effective action to support this art and artists in cyberspace platforms to support Iranian art and artists.

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Buy and sell works of art, buy and sell works of art

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