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International support for the Persian Gulf

خلیج فارس

Supporting the international name of the Persian Gulf is not just supporting a name, but supporting an identity that has reached our generation after tens of thousands of years;

Although we may not have understood it correctly,

But this has no problem with the quality of these principles and you have to work hard to remove the soils of time from it and realize its clarity and essence.

Especially in recent times, large and important parts of dear Iran have been separated with or without the knowledge of the Iranian people, but whatever has happened, perhaps with the patience of the steadfast and experienced Iranian tribes, there is hope to return, but we must know that if All in all, they should unite their capital in order to inflict damage on the name of Iranian civilization. This will not be possible and the Iranian youth will not allow such a thing.

If perhaps big companies like Google are to step on the human and civilizational values of thousands of years and sacrifice truth and information in the virtual world of information technology for profit, the owners of their international virtual businesses and Persian web must Plan so that we are not called the heedless of this moment in history.

Iranian Art Holding as an internationally registered brand and one of the largest virtual, scientific and technological infrastructures of Iranian art industry, has proudly dedicated a dedicated page of its website called Persian Gulf (in six languages: Persian, Arabic). , English, French, Spanish and Chinese) and it is suggested that Persian web owners also support this idea and dedicate a page of their website to introduce the name of the Persian Gulf. # Support_I_make

Of course, this action may be effective in the international activities of Iranian Art Holding, especially in the great countries of the Persian Gulf, but the high importance of this action is more important.

Persian gulf

If it were not for Iran, it would not be my body . This canvas and a living person

Persian gulf

Persian Gulf History (Wiki)

Without a doubt, its correct geographical name throughout the history of the Persian Gulf. Documents left from many past civilizations state that the lands south of the Persian Gulf, which included countries such as Qatar, northern Oman, the United Arab Emirates, eastern Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, belonged to Iran, and therefore the Persian Gulf is part of Iran’s inland waters. It was considered and that is why the Greeks called it Sinus Priscus.
Charles Belgrave, the British government’s representative in the Persian Gulf, wrote a letter to her government in 1935, stating: “Now that we have Arabicized all the southern shores of the Persian Gulf, it is good to change its name,” but Britain, which at the time had a dispute with Iran over oil, rejected the offer to avoid straining relations with Tehran.

The oldest known geographical name from the Persian Gulf is Narmarratu, which is left in Assyrian inscriptions and means bitter river. In the second century AD, Flavius Arianus used the Persian Gulf in her works Persicon Kai Tass, which means Persian Gulf.

Arab-Islamic geographers and historians of the early Islamic period, such as Tabari, Mas’udi, and Ya’qubi, unanimously acknowledge in their surviving manuscripts that all parts of the Persian Gulf belonged to Iran in pre-Islamic times. A pool in schools and countries and “Ibn Huql al-Baghdadi” in her book “Surat al-Arz” which was published in 1993. Published in English in London, it states that: “As has been said many times, the Persian Sea is a sea from the ocean that surrounds the world, from which it branches off around China; This sea extends from the lands of Sindh (India) and Kerman to Persia and is called Pars among all lands because Persia is more advanced than all other countries and its kings had the strongest control (sovereignty) in ancient times and even “Now they control all the shores near and far of this sea and all the lands of Persia and others.” Until the 1960s, Arab countries used the term Persian Gulf in their official correspondence.

Persian gulf

Response to inquiries from the British Foreign Office
In recent years, and especially since the 1960s, the fake name of the A.r.a.b.i.a.n Gulf (false) has also been increasingly competing with the name of the Persian Gulf in some sources under the maximum support of Arab and sometimes non-Arab governments. This has aroused the anger of Iranians around the world and has led to the emergence of the name “Persian Gulf forever” or “Persian Gulf forever” by Iranians. So far, work has been done to combat this forgery, including the issuance of two directives to the United Nations Secretariat to protect the name of the Persian Gulf or the holding of the Persian Gulf Cup, and several naming and preparation of maps, documents and geographical books with The correct name of the Persian Gulf. The British and American Geographical Organizations have also made the name of the Persian Gulf the official policy of their countries.


In the hope of a prosperous and free Iran …

Head of Iranian Art Holding project in the country

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