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Specialized repair and scientific restoration of works of art and historical buildings in Iran

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Description of the services that can be provided in the field of restoration of works of art, exquisite objects and restoration of historical buildings

Iran, as one of the oldest countries in the world and the best in the field of traditional arts and handicrafts among countries with an old culture, has one of the highest statistics in the fields of production and maintenance of handicrafts and old works of art. The honorable Iranian friends of art have included a considerable number of works of art, exquisite objects and old antiques in their collection of works, and this is a matter of providing standard maintenance services, restoration and repair of wear and tear in works, and providing scientific services in art-related fields. It doubles the maintenance of historical buildings, etc.

The need to use the services of art-related experts and professors for the evaluation, maintenance and restoration of art objects in a safe and reliable structure is quite evident, and Iranian Art Holding has access to the best academic professors, artists, and experimental experts in the country. and traditional Iranian in various artistic fields has created a specialized infrastructure for providing restoration services of works of art, exquisite objects and buildings in compliance with relevant principles.

Specialized restoration, scientific restoration, academic restoration, private repair of works of art

Restoration and supportable services in Iranian Art Holding:

Private artwork repair, secret artwork repair, secret restoration, fine work restoration
improvement، renovation، Rebuilding، Protection, restoration, revival, maintenance, repair, life extension, maintenance standard provision, scientific and archaeological restoration, protective restoration, stylistic or anastylosis restoration, stylistic cleaning, supplementary or supplementary restoration, historical restoration or restoration, robust restoration, comprehensive restoration and Protection and restoration of architectural heritage, protection and restoration of urban heritage and in general the use of new technologies in building restoration and…

Restoration of Iranian works of art, restoration of paintings, restoration of calligraphy, restoration of books, restoration of Quran

The set of measures that are carried out for the restoration and revival of works of art and historical buildings in Art Holding is divided into three applicable stages.:

  • Investigating and understanding the current state of the work, exquisite object or building
  • Preparation and formulation of executive plan and evaluation and selection of the best method
  • Specialized summation and preparation of restoration executive plan

Exclusive restoration, security restoration, antique restoration, old antique restoration

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