At first glance, in the simplest possible way, we are interested in supporting all the loved ones who have the opportunity to use our services to progress and empower themselves towards their best.

And we will spend a small part of our income on the path of excellence of these loved ones

Safe art donation

ART charity


Apart from the free and supportive platforms under the license of Art Holding (such as Bazarak, Art Freelancer, etc.), in all other sectors, if you are interested in using support services and feel entitled to use these types of services. You know, be sure to contact our colleagues in the support department.

Helping artists

It is worth mentioning

A part of the income obtained in Iranian Art Holding in all sectors, whether it is selling works or providing services, etc., will be dedicated to empowering working children in the country for art education and of course providing various services related to their capabilities. The performance report of this type of service will be presented in this section.

Artists’ Charity

Especially working children

Basic art general education courses

With the cooperation of a reliable operator
Gol Mina Children's Charity (Tehran)

Authentic charity, working children’s charity, Iranian art charity, Iranian dollar charity, authentic children’s charity

Especially working children

Products produced during the period

With the cooperation of a reliable operator
Gol Mina Children's Charity (Tehran)

Authentic Iranian art charity for international payment

International charity for working children, educational charity

Please use the form below to pay your cash donations online (in Tomans) in order to empower the field of free art education for these loved ones.

International charity for working children with the ability to pay online

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Iran’s prestigious art charity, international charity for working children, educational charity

You can also use the option of charging your wallet in your user account to pay in dollars or digital currency

And pay your contribution through PayPal or WebMoney portal on the payment page

(Be sure to mention in the description of the payment your proposal for helping the Art Holding charity and the issue of Kurdish expenses)

Online help to Iranian charity

If you are also able to provide services or support and are interested in non-cash companionship and support,

To support these potential best، Be sure to contact us

Supporting the children of working artists

You can also take effective action to support this art and artists in cyberspace platforms to support Iranian art and artists.

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