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Use of site services

Yes . For payment, you can choose the usual methods in the world and receive the goods by various global postal systems.

No. Membership in the newsletter as well as membership to participate in the auction and purchase from the auction and the store does not cost.

Just go to the bottom of the first page with the email of the newsletter member or fill out the contact form with the subject of the newsletter membership.

After registering on the site, you can make a purchase and sometimes buy in installments or choose to pay after receiving.

Yes, Holding regularly monitors and updates the prices of products offered on its website on a daily basis.

About buying from the site store

Limited multiplication means limited production of a product, and the mold and product line of the product will be provided to buyers after limited, extinct production and documentation.

Value multiplied by the usual. Ability to collect products and increase value over time.

You can settle with the currency approved by the place of supply of the product, as well as with Tomans and conversion at the moment of the rate. This possibility is seen on the site

According to our contract with different brands and also the possibility of settling Mr. Carty’s account, you select your product from our site menu and your order will be sent and approved to the supplier.

Yes . By choosing luxury packaging and customizing packaging, it is possible to buy the products seen.

Register and follow up the purchase order

For the convenience of you dear ones, Iranian Art Holding has provided the possibility that in addition to online ordering, you can also purchase the product you want by visiting the gallery, Instagram page and by phone.

You can delete or modify the order from your shopping cart before final order confirmation and click on the purchase completion icon. After final approval and completion of the purchase and in the process of paying and registering the basket, you will not be able to delete and change the order. From now on, to cancel and change it, contact the telephone order tracking unit or the support department.

To find out the status of the order, you can log in to your account and click on the order option to be informed of its status.

No, after completing the purchase and order registration process, your order will be processed automatically via SMS or email notification, and if necessary, sales experts will contact you. You can also check the progress of your orders by logging in to your account.

No, if you have inventory, the user has no restrictions on purchasing the desired product.

About sending and receiving products

The cost of sending orders in the area of Tehran with a fixed cost of 50 Tomans and in other cities of Iran and other countries by post and Tipax with a specified cost.

All orders will be delivered to the post office on the day after the order is processed.

Yes, customers in Tehran can receive their orders if they place an order before 13:00 on the same day and then the next day or in the coming days with the coordination of the support team in 3 different time periods.

Jam Market’s gold and jewelry packaging design has a beautiful box and packaging, and you can also benefit from special services and even name engraving by choosing luxury packaging when ordering.

Since one of the goals of the Iranian Art Holding online store is to reduce unnecessary trips within the city, it is not possible to deliver online orders in person at the store, unless you choose to deliver at the company when registering your order.

About cooperating with the holding site

Yes . By completing your registration on the site and giving your username to others, you will receive special privileges for use as a representative.

Yes . Some products that are unlimited in production can be supplied.

Yes . Only if the qualification of the goods is confirmed in relation to the classification that can be provided in the store and… by the editor of the supply of goods.

No. The prices of store goods, auctions and auctions are definitely the lowest expert prices available due to the direct supply (sometimes from the artist himself).

Yes . It is possible to fill in the goods or banners linked to the site and its revenue system has been created.

General questions and answers

How do we know that you are receiving an authenticity certificate with the registry code from the parent company and a genuine product authentication from Jam Market brand, which can be inquired and verified on our own site and the manufacturer’s site?

More than 80% of the goods of the local company are provided by Iranian artists, but in some cases we need to supply goods from global brands.

Definitely, your comments and suggestions will be presented in the think tank every week and the result will be referred to you personally.

Online payment is designed to be safe and convenient. However, you should follow these techniques not only to buy from this site, but also during any online payment to ensure the security of your payment:

1) By viewing the URL, make sure your web browser uses the secure https protocol instead of the http protocol.

2) Be sure to use the available virtual keyboard to enter your card information.

Contact the support team for up to 12 hours for the necessary arrangements. You can also return the product within 3 days and replace it for up to 7 days.

You can also take effective action to support this art and artists in cyberspace platforms to support Iranian art and artists.

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