The most advanced platform for VR, 2D and 3D virtual exhibitions of various works of art in Iran

In this section, you can see the personal page and the exhibition of works of selected Iranian artists

While viewing the exhibitions, you can make a purchase offer/register a price for your favorite artwork
And wherever you want to receive the work of art with a guarantee and professional support
The best of the best

Viewing active exhibitions of selected works in Art Holding

Click on the posters to study the artist's capabilities, view and buy the works
The sold works have the Sold tag, and the rest of the works can be ordered
(The order of arrangement is based on the opening date of the exhibition)

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Lilith Gallery, Lilith Gallery, Lilith Exhibition

Exhibitions have no time limit…

Advanced art platform and augmented reality art exhibition in virtual and 3D exhibition menu

Registration of exhibition reservation request

In 2023, for each exhibition, be a guest of translation in 2 active languages of the site (except Farsi)

It is possible to activate your exhibition in Farsi, English, Chinese, Arabic, French and Spanish

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We also have special services in the field of information, advertising and exhibition certification that you can request when booking the exhibition

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You can also take effective action to support this art and artists in cyberspace platforms to support Iranian art and artists.

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Buy and sell works of art, buy and sell works of art

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