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Online portal for issuing and registering works of art with unique international code

Please be careful in completing the information because all the steps of issuing and creating birth certificate are done online and automatically using the information in your form.
After completing the form, if you want the birth certificate information to be sent to you on WhatsApp, send a message with the tracking code of the form to support.

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Image upload section

To reduce the size of images, search on Google "reduce photo size without reducing quality" and select the size of the image based on the information in the form and after changing, use the final file in the form; If you still have a problem to send a large file, you can send the file along with the form tracking code to www.madeinart.ir@gmail.com after completing the form (with the standard miscellaneous file).
Allowed extension pdf, png, jpg, jpeg and maximum size of 5 MB
Allowed extension pdf, png, jpg, jpeg and maximum size of 5 MB
If you have a podcast (audio) or a video to register in your birth certificate, please register the link (url) after uploading it to free internet servers.

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Financial section of issuing identity cards

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