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Training to sell works of art and exquisite objects without a store

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Iranian Art Holding for those of you who don’t want to open your store in Iranian Art Holding, but you have a work or product to sell in the categories of the Art Holding store and decide to offer your work and product in sections such as

  • Shop
  • Auctions menu
  • Sale without showing (private VIP)

You have received a special offer:

Unmediated sale of works of art Unmediated sale of works of art

Complete the form below and your artwork will be presented for sale on the platform of your choice after the initial examination. There is no need to register to use this form and you just need to be careful when filling out the form. Completely confidential And sell your work or product without publishing the owner’s information.


If you want your artwork to be auctioned, make sure to create an account for yourself and complete your authentication from the “upgrade to participate in auctions as a customer” menu and then pay the amount for the job well done. (secured and returnable) and then complete the form.

( Read more information about online auctions )

Unmediated sale of works of art

Important note :

Use this feature only when you have a specific work of art (only one), but if you are a collector or creator of works of art, for professional sales in quantities higher than

– Holding store (for international sales)

– Bazaar (for domestic sales)

– Virtual exhibition (for professional display with international sales capability)


Buy and sell works of art

Forms can be completed in 6 languages and it is possible to present works in 6 languages

Simple sale of artwork, direct sale of artwork, online sale of artwork

"*" indicates required fields

Information related to the work of art, exquisite object

Enter 0 for fields you don't know
Offer supply type*
The direction of the effect*
Multiplicity of work production*
It has a signature effect*
It has a birth certificate*
It has a history of repair*

Image upload section

To reduce the size of images, search on Google "reduce photo size without reducing quality" and select the size of the image based on the information in the form and after changing, use the final file in the form; If you still have a problem to send a large file, you can send the file along with the form tracking code to www.madeinart.ir@gmail.com after completing the form (with the standard miscellaneous file).
Allowed extension pdf, png, jpg, jpeg and maximum size of 5 MB
Allowed extension pdf, png, jpg, jpeg and maximum size of 5 MB

Confirmation of form information

After reading and if you need cooperation, complete it.

Instant sale of artwork, quick sale of artwork, online sale of artwork, direct sale of art

If you have trouble reducing the size of your photos, reduce the size of your photos from the site Resize PhotosUse the number 1200 in the wigth section, select Quality number 95, and after uploading and resizing, download the final file and use it in this form.

If you have a problem to send by the above loading system, after completing all the fields of the form, by receiving the tracking code, you can send the mentioned items to www.madeinart.ir@gmail.com by registering the tracking code of your form in the email. here you are

And if you do not have access to e-mail, you can contact the support units of Iranian Art Holding to send the works as a DVD.

Instant sale of artwork, quick sale of artwork, online sale of artwork, direct sale of art

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