Special for sales associates, Special for sales associates

Describe the method of activity as an independent marketer

Iranian Art Holding
A new service in Iranian Art Holding

Unlimited monetization protocol in introducing services

With any amount of time, knowledge and experience you can earn a decent income

In the Iranian Art Holding monetization system, anyone can receive a commission for each user by subscribing to their account and helping to sell works and goods. This method, called affiliate marketing, is one of the most important ways to earn money online that everyone can easily create a channel to earn money online through social networks such as Telegram and Instagram or the site.

Who’s earning money online as a referrer is appropriate and how?
The online monetization system can be a good source of income for teenagers, young people, housewives, webmasters or anyone who wants to experience the joy of making money at home or is thinking of creating a new source of income. Have only a link related to yourself or your advertising campaign and provide this link for clicks by different people, in case of final purchase of these loved ones 1% You will receive an invoice as an introduction bonus.

Membership conditions as a referrer:
To join the online monetization system in Iranian Art Holding and earn millions from it, you do not need cash, you do not even need to have a popular social network and it is enough to have a website, telegram channel or Instagram page. Be there and receive a commission by inviting any new customer to buy from the Holding online store.

As for the video tutorial:

From the menu below, enter the registration section on the Iranian Art Holding website

Terms of cooperation with Iranian Art Holding

In the side menu of the section ” Create an account ” Select.

Terms of cooperation with Iranian Art Holding

Enter the new page and enter your desired username, mobile number and email. (One of the items, mobile number or email needs to be confirmed)

Terms of cooperation with Iranian Art Holding

After confirmation, log in to your account and you can see the “Independent Marketing Panel Login Menu”.

Terms of cooperation with Iranian Art Holding

By entering the top menu, enter the independent marketer user panel and you can start working.

Terms of cooperation with Iranian Art Holding

After registration from the menu ” Authentication ” Complete the information and then start working. (Persian only)


Click Create URL and use this code to take action.

(You can choose a specific product or page for direct activity or choose a campaign in your name for the activity)


And exceptions:

The customer or the seller of the goods can not introduce and purchase the goods together as a representative and marketer.

Orders will be completed only and will be included in the commission 72 hours after final approval.

Shipping costs and taxes on some invoices and canceled orders will not include commission.

The validity period of each advertising link is 60 days, and after this period, you must create a new link for the activity.

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