Bazarak, a market for buying and selling works of art without intermediaries


In recent years, online shopping in Iran has made great progress, but not in the field of art and art investment. Unfortunately!

Creating a culture of buying works of art and creating a desire to invest in various fields of art is usually planned and supported by the political structure in countries around the world, and of course, this has not been analyzed and implemented in principle in recent years.

People in Iran have very little information about attractive art investment, and even if they are interested in this field, a suitable and reliable infrastructure for this action is very rare and almost inaccessible to the general public and customers of works of art.

On the other hand, artists usually do not have high-ranking brands or special relationships, and therefore it is not possible to offer works of art for this level of art creators with sufficient infrastructure.

With more than two decades of activity in the field of art in Iran and cooperation with dear artists, we realized a significant number of art creators who do not have an international brand and reputation, and some are the creators of unique works of art. They do not have the opportunity to use the existing infrastructure in the country to sell and sell their works, and unfortunately this has slowed down and sometimes cut off the path of prosperity of these great people. And has been interested in buying works of art.

Iranian Art Holding, in addition to specialized services in various fields to artists, also makes a significant investment to design and create a functional, professional, fast and easy infrastructure for displaying and selling works of art in the form of registration of advertisements in specialized categories. Has established.



The ads of the owner or artist who created the work of art will be delivered in the simplest possible way and will be shown to the interested people in the world as soon as possible, without strict censorship and expertise, just enough for the artist to take a photo of the work and register the ad.

Registration in the market is completely free and remains free

It is supposed to provide professional and advanced services from us, provide works of art and share information from artists, purchase and support by enthusiasts and investors, so that after a while, a small market without intermediaries, safe and in their art will be. And an artist to buy and sell works of art and …


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