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Terms of cooperation with Iranian Art Holding

The protocol of sales cooperation system (as a representative of services and products) in Iranian Art Holding is designed very intelligently and you dear ones can use these services and earn income with any amount of knowledge and effort.


To start the activity and get complete information, you must enter the menu after logging in to your account


Describe the method of activity as an independent marketer


Go and get enough information for the activity and you can enter your marketing user panel through the account of the cooperation menu as a referral marketer and start earning money by transferring the link belonging to you on your site or mass communication software.


What is affiliate marketing or marketing?

You may also be familiar with the term Marketing Affiliate. Maybe with the help of sales collaboration systems, you can make great money; But how do you know the term Marketing Affiliate? With the help of sales cooperation, you can separate your income from time and place, that is, you can earn money from anywhere in the world at any time. Cooperation in sales, you can achieve great income; But how? You may be wondering if it is possible to earn enough money this way or how this income model works at all?

Collaborating in sales is an internet business method that benefits both the seller and the sales partner. It means a win-win relationship. (win win) Cooperation in sales Cooperation in sales What is cooperation in sales? Marketing Affiliate Systems means “performance marketing based” in which the business owner pays a commission to marketers and their sales associates for each purchase of a handful of website visitors or Your online store pays.

Affiliate marketing or sales collaboration is suitable both for people who own a website and in situations where the person does not have a website. In this way, the marketer starts promoting the offered product and presents it to the customer, after the product is purchased by the customer, the marketer’s profit is transferred to his bank account.

This business has been done abroad for a long time, today in Iran, businesses have also flourished and both business owners and marketers have reached millions or billions in revenue through this.


In payroll marketing or affiliate marketing, 4 actors play the main role:

1- Supplier or the same business owner

2- The network between the seller and the marketer that does the financial affairs in between

3- Marketer or sales partner

4- Buyer or customer


How to work with the system of cooperation in sales or commission marketing:

The sales cooperation system relies only on financial incentives to attract orders through a partner. This method is very simple and we will continue to mention how this system works? The buyer decides to buy the product. He searches Google for a site to buy the product he wants. Finds a site and enters that site to buy (sales partner or recipient commission site) to order the product image, the buyer is clicked to another site (seller site) and through that site The purchase is done. The supplier or store owner or the seller pays an amount to the marketer as a sales commission.


Simple ways to increase revenue from a sales collaboration system:

I offer you 3 simple ways to increase revenue from the sales cooperation system that you can easily earn money online from today with the sales cooperation system, and you can easily experience revenue increase along with other tasks, as well as the benefits and I mentioned the disadvantages of sales cooperation systems in Iran.

Increasing the revenue from the sales cooperation system In the sales cooperation system, all the steps of earning internet marketing are done online. From registration in the system to all stages of advertising and product that is done through the Internet, and in general in this process, the only task of the sales representative is product advertising.


3 simple ways to increase revenue from a sales collaboration system

1- Publication in all digital media:

In this method of paid marketing, you have to spread the services with the products widely on the Internet and in all the social networks that you are a member of. Use blogs and forums to do the same. The more contacts there are, the more likely you are to sell. You can also send your own link to your friends via email or group messages via telegram and SMS.

2. Get help from others:

You can also increase your sales by introducing products and services to your friends and acquaintances. By introducing your products and sending links to their telegrams, you are only one click away from earning internet income. Just click on the products or services and order them and the commission for a new purchase will be credited to your bank account. Increase revenue from the sales cooperation system

3- Selling more expensive products

The more expensive the products and services, the higher your commission rate or collaboration percentage, and the more motivated you will be to increase your income. Increasing the motivation of each salesperson to be more active and earn more money will be very effective.

You can easily make money through the Internet and a computer system. Of course, do not assume that you will earn astronomical income from the beginning. With patience and perseverance and ongoing marketing activities, your number of customers will expand to buy.

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