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During the past years of the activity of Hanar Holding, we have repeatedly received requests from owners, enthusiasts and investors in various fields of works of art, exquisite objects, antiques, as well as owners of precious and semi-precious stones and collectors of antique works, based on the need To use the services of trusted and specialized experts to evaluate and value your art objects in a safe and reliable infrastructure, with regard to access to the best artist professors and expert experts in Iran and the world in various art fields in Iranian Art Holding.

We have created a specialized infrastructure for providing expert services of works of art by observing all relevant principles

Expertise in precious and underground and antique stones
Various disciplines can be supported in this plan:

Master’s degree in precious and semi-precious stones, master’s degree in jewelry and exquisite objects, master’s degree in old works of art in the fields of miniatures, painting, calligraphy, master’s degree in sculptures with various materials (stones, types of metal, etc.), master’s degree in old objects (pencils) , fund, etc.), expertise in unconventional works of art, old books, etc.

Official bachelor of antiques and old works of art

Various services that can be provided in this plan:

Basic expertise and valuation of works in domestic and international markets, dendrochronology, microscopic photography, UV photography, thermoluminescence, colorology, microbial sampling, material detection, hardness measurement, transparency measurement, history inquiry and authenticity, identification of birth certificate based on Field history and information, magnetic archaeo, amino acid dating and carbon 14 system and…

Secret master of works of art and free master of antiques Artwork pricing, free painting ID card

An example of a request to use the services of an expert related to a painting (homework of art)

Bachelor of Painting, Bachelor of Calligraphy, Bachelor of Books, Bachelor of Stone

Applicant information:

We have had a painting at home for about three generations, and no matter how much we searched or consulted, we could not find the owner of the signature or find out the approximate price of the work; I am presenting the image of the work and the image of the signature and some information. Please do a review.

IMG 9064 Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری unnamed Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

Related expert information in Art Holding:

The name of this artwork is: Dina discovering Calisto’s pregnancy

Creator of the artwork: Peter Paul Rubens (Peter Paul Rubens); 16th century AD (this work belongs to 1640 AD)

The original painting of this work is kept in a prestigious private collection in England (so the probability of the work being original is low)

Due to the death of the artist in May of the same year (1640), this work is one of his last works (this work was executed as a workshop), the original dimensions of the original work are 65 x 75 cm and the original material of the original work is oil on copper sheet.

In terms of price, this work has a domestic price of about 10-30 thousand dollars, and about 50% more than the international price, if the production is approved in the mentioned workshop, and otherwise, the price is about 100-1000 dollars.

The official expert of the old Quran, the diamond expert, the free antique expert, the underground legal expert

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