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We have tried to make it possible to place orders in all active and famous Iranian art fields, due to the access to famous professors (mostly first class art), by choosing the art field and the type of services under that field, you can create your own artwork. create with various customizations by the best professors in the country and receive the highest quality and security in the world, just enter the art order registration portal and complete your order specification form.

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Ordering calligraphy by an art master, buying paintings and buying Iranian miniatures from a reputable gallery

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خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Nastaliq line

Nastaliq is one of the Persian calligraphy methods, this word as mentioned in tezkirahs, patches and poems, is derived from the two words nasakh and taaliq, the Nastaliq script is the second special script of Iranians.

خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Broken Nasta'liq

Broken Nastaliq is one of the newest lines and the most beautiful and the third type of Iranian calligraphy, and because most of its forms are derived from breaking and leaving the Nastaliq line, it became known as Broken Nastaliq.

خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Sols line

The third line is one of the most important methods in Iranian and Islamic calligraphy and one of the six lines of the Persian language.

خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Kereshme line

The term charisma is the name of a corner in the row of Iranian music that does not have its own fashion and can be used in all devices.

خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Naskh line

Naskh script is a script invented in the beginning of the third century AH by the hand of Ibn Muqla Shirazi, which was originally a script similar to the Kufic script. Naskh means copied or transcribed and copied.

خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Shodo script (Japanese)

Japanese calligraphy is derived from Chinese calligraphy, and for that reason, their basic principles and techniques are very similar, and they are often written with SUMI ink and on washi paper in various styles.

خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Copperplate line (Latin)

It is an old and attractive style of English calligraphy, often used to write certificates, invitations, names and works of art. This line is one of the most famous types of English calligraphy.

خرید و فروش آثار هنری
Mo ala line

One of the characteristics of this font is its height and the contrast of the letters in the words. Another characteristic of this font is the interweaving of letters and words, which can easily pass through each other when writing.

Ordering calligraphy by an art master, buying paintings and buying Iranian miniatures from a reputable gallery

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