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The services in this section are supportive for investors, collectors and those interested in buying works of art in Iran

We hope this action will increase the level of information of the interested parties, guide young artists and provide practical cooperation with art investors.

Online purchase of expensive works of art, purchase and sale of precious antiques, purchase and sale of special works of art

With experience in providing real information in the recognition of works of art and cooperation with reputable domestic and foreign artists and collectors, and of course talented contemporary ideas makers and students, along with the hope of progressing and upgrading the level of these treasures, we decided to work with a group consisting of We form real experts and art theorists, and in this part of Iranian Art Holding services, we receive proposals from collectors and those interested in the field of investment without any restrictions and respond in the best way.

Buying the artwork you want from the creator, owner or collectors in the world with the highest quality and, of course, guaranteeing the authenticity of the artwork along with international and approved certificates.

Buy and sell art antiques, buy and sell special works of art, buy expensive works of art without intermediaries

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June 2023 update:

Considering the successful activities in recent years in the field of issuance and specialized services in the field of NFT and Metaverse; At present, the expert and art investment team in Iranian Art Holding has the possibility to provide specialized services regarding the introduction of the most authentic NFT tokens issued by special works of art and contemporary creative artists of Iran in its art investment department.

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To receive the best offers in the field of artistic investment and purchase of authentic works of art, fill out the form below and be with Iranian Art Holding consultants.

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The best art investment, the highest profit in art, safe purchase of artwork

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