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Dollars or gold, maybe a work of art

Dollars or gold, maybe a work of art

The biggest concern for people today is choosing the right ways to invest.

Of the many ways to invest in different markets, here are the gold and dollar markets.

Gold and the dollar are the two main elements of investing in today’s stressful society. Most people take advantage of the stressful atmosphere of society and seek to buy gold and dollars.

First of all, know that there is no risk-free investment. As a result, you need to be aware of the risks involved in each job and then take action.

Ten profitable investment with 100 million

Along with gold, diamonds, precious stones, antiques and finally the currencies of highly economically stable countries, they also have the function of preserving variable value and are considered as a refuge for inflation. Reach the bank interest rate, which is currently 19% of inflation versus a maximum of 17% of bond yields. The tendency to gold inevitably occurs, but this situation now has some points. Only in the Iranian economy, which has occurred in most countries of the world, and therefore the value of gold has increased significantly.

As mentioned, since gold does not create added value, it can be expected that the price of gold will decrease as the inflation spectrum in the global economy goes away, and this can reduce the price of gold in Iran, so investors in gold to maintain asset value. They themselves must always wait to hear the bad news about the global economic crisis. At the same time, buying currency in Iran is also an option. This option is also the result of trying to maintain value, because currency, like sequences or gold, does not create added value.

At the same time, the exchange rate in the Iranian economy is subject to two issues: oil prices and sanctions, and in the event that oil prices fall and sanctions increase, the value of the currency increases, and the devaluation of the dollar will be definite. With calculated risk, is direct investment profitable?

Short-term investment

But what if we do not want to take risks and get rich?

It is usually clear for people with low or very high capital to invest without the risk of bank deposits or participation bonds. Earn up to 17% annually and double their fortune in about 4 years. Although this is a slow method, in most cases it can be an option for low or high money.

High return on long-term investment

But in the direct purchase of works of art and unique and by using the ability to recognize professional consultants in the purchase of ancient and contemporary works of art, a very attractive and unimaginable profit is hidden.
In this situation, a smart investment seeks to find consultants who will or will make more profit in return for paying them capital. So, the success in buying these works depends on how much profit each person earns for a reasonable period of time, such as three to four years, for example, one hundred rials invested in these purchases. More and the value of his investment will be more.

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