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Patron of the art of Mana

web research 1 Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

Hami Art Mana Institute is the best site for buying and selling Iranian works of art and buying and selling handicrafts

Maybe at first glance, the amount of information seems to be too much!

Your online purchase of artworks is guaranteed

Or the busyness and variety of activities may be confusing for you, but to meet diverse needs, effective and fruitful action, all sections have been repeatedly reviewed and designed for easy access and convenient use.

Additional information and training on using the Iranian Art Holding site

In this section, we have created all the information you need to use the site’s menus and use the various features that have been designed and created for you in this information base in a simple and complete manner.

The senior consultants in each department of Iranian Art Holding provide sufficient information about the department under their supervision and the activities performed in this menu so that you can see, compare, and read the rest of the buyers’ opinions with sufficient and clear information. Read and be informed by the expertise of relevant experts and get sufficient information from the reliable services of Iranian Art Holding and then take action.

Authentic Iranian art site for buying and selling works of art and handicrafts

Please read carefully and completely (patiently) and contact the support experts if needed

Buying and selling of works of art in the artistic cultural institution supporting Mana Art (Iranian Art Holding)

All the steps you need in each menu have been simplified and designed and produced step by step.

For example, the

In the menu and topic of the 3D and virtual art exhibition, by referring to the exhibition menu, you can see the services and to use these services from the bottom of this menu, you can enter the “exhibitions portal” and follow the steps below to have a valid exhibition. Make an international reservation:

  1. Study conditions, descriptions and prices of services
  2. Choosing the virtual exhibition hall you want
  3. Selection of music for exhibition and frames for flat works
  4. Completing the application form for opening a virtual exhibition and payment
  5. and over

You have booked a lifelong and international exhibition with the ability to display and sell works of art.

Cheap purchase without intermediaries of Iranian arts and crafts

And in all menus and sections, the steps can be easily evaluated and used in the same way.

Complete training and information for the correct use of services and complete descriptions of purchasing and using virtual services in the information base of Iranian Art Holding

To access personal services such as opening a personal store, tracking purchases, upgrading the user level to participate in auctions, you also need to create a user account on the Iranian Art Holding website.

Good art application in Iran for buying and selling authentic Iranian works of art

We are proud to answer you …

Training and complete information for Iranian Art Holding site

Patron of the art of Mana

Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

Selling paintings, selling calligraphy, selling calligraphy, selling works in Dubai, selling works on Amazon, selling works of art in Turkey

At Iranian Art Holding, you have a variety of infrastructures for displaying and selling works of art, and the following 5 methods are the best for artists, creators of works of art and collectors of handicrafts, depending on the quality and level of their works, and of course whether they are free or

Selling paintings, selling calligraphy, selling calligraphy, selling works in Dubai, selling works on Amazon

The first method:


(without intermediaries, free and support)

Registering an advertisement for the sale of artwork in Bazarak Under the support of Iranian Art Holding

An unmediated market of arts and crafts called Bazarak

Creators or owners of works of art enter their personal bazaar simply by entering their phone number and receiving a confirmation code and offer their works for display and sale from the menu “Register artwork”.

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

Various services have also been designed and created for this support platform:

  • Instant, free and simple registration of works of art in the form of sales ads
  • Direct communication between buyer and seller by seller information
  • The possibility of creating a personal bazarak to display his collection of works along with the provider’s information
  • Artwork link sharing tool and personalized bazaar to display on all virtual platforms
  • Using the special Android application for artists for simplicity and professional use of Bazaark services
  • Incentive wallet charged for initial login, every visit to your Clariberry account and referrals
  • And…

Artists and collectors can start their activities in the bazaar for free, instantly and online in the easiest possible way.

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

For complete information, go to Bazark platform or link View Bazarak platformrefer to.

Direct sale of works of art, free application for sale of works of art


Building a free art site and selling Iranian handicrafts to the world

The second method :

Art shop

(professional, international and supportive)

Creating a personal store with more than 20 different tools for displaying and selling works professionally in the world

Iranian free art site

The online store of artworks is one of the reliable tools of the long cooperation with Iranian Art Holding, the opening of the Raw store, the use of free training and in case of sale, the commission of Art Holding is 20% of the sales amount, support services in the fields of transportation and Delivery of works, translation of works into 5 languages of the site, use of toman, dollar and digital currency portals, etc. are among the specialized services offered in Iranian Art Holding partner stores.

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

Various services have also been designed and created for this specialized capability:

  • Online sales, installment sales, pre-sales, purchase order registration and…
  • Service guarantee and providing expert advice before and after the purchase of the artwork
  • Holding public and private online auctions of products and works of art
  • Ability to set up seller’s shipping and after-sales service, customization capability
  • And…

Every artist can create his own store and user panel for free, and those interested can experience a professional purchase under the supervision of Art Holding experts.

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

For complete information about creating a store, refer to the top tab, “Opening an Artist Store” section.

Building an art store site

View related information and training video on opening a personal art store in Iranian Art Holding

Teaching Iranian art holding site and selling works of art without intermediaries and directly


Free online arts and crafts auction

Third method:

Art exhibition

(modern, international and specialized)

Creation of a treasure exhibition of artworks with more than 5 3D, 2D, VR display tools and the ability to receive purchase offers

Free online art gallery

The use of the latest tools for scientific and specialized display of artworks in the online gallery from the treasure of artworks (along with the ability to organize groups) is available for life, along with the ability to update the price and install the sold tag.

Create a free online art gallery to sell works internationally

Various services have also been designed and created for this specialized capability:

  • Connecting your showroom to your store or bazaar in the holding
  • 6-language and specialized internet display and ranking for displaying and selling works
  • The ability of VR or 3D camera to display your works exhibition on mobile phone
  • Showing and holding individual and group, without time limit along with constant observation
  • The ability to permanently register in search engines to see the exhibition when searching for your name
  • And…

For more information, refer to the “virtual exhibition menu” and for reservations, refer to the “virtual exhibition portal“.

Teaching Iranian art holding site and selling works of art without intermediaries and directly


Free online arts and crafts auction

The fourth method:

Submit product information

(single, exclusive and private sale)

Registering artwork and handicraft information (when you have only one artwork) to sell in a store or hold an auction

Instant and online sale of artwork and antiques on the internet

Iranian Art Holding has a special offer for those dignitaries who only own a work of art, an exquisite object, special handicrafts or a product for sale in the categories of Art Holding’s activity and decide to sell it in the relevant market.

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

Register the information of the work in a form and get an expert opinion for using various methods of displaying and selling the artwork

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

To use this form to sell your works, you don’t need to register on the site, and it is enough to complete the “Portal form for registering the sale of works (single)” carefully.

Buyer of Iranian antique works of art

The forms are answered once every 24 hours at the most (in the first step via email) and of course, completing and answering the forms can be done in 6 languages.

Buying and selling works of art without intermediaries and brokers


Quick sale of old artwork

The fifth method:

Freelance art

(artistic freelance; freelance art)

As an artist, register your skills and receive an order or choose suggested art projects to do

Working as a freelance artist (a person who accepts artistic orders or offers his services to employers)

For the first time in the world, Iranian Art Holding has provided a specialized infrastructure for freelancing only for visual arts and handicrafts, and you, dear ones, can benefit from services and two-way communication as a freelancer (remote artist) or as an employer (interested and ordering).

Making arts and crafts orders online

Various services have also been designed and created for this specialized capability:

  • Creating a personal account to introduce individual abilities and capabilities
  • Registration of services that can be done and providing various proposals for the production of works of art and handicrafts
  • The possibility of registering the proposal of the employers’ projects and communicating directly with them
  • The ability to provide group services, group suggestions and chat between people in the infrastructure
  • And…


Please enter the freelancer platform and register to start working

Before taking any action, be sure to watch the tutorial on using art freelancing services

Highly paid freelance for artists


Good Iranian art site for buying and selling works of art

All in all, as a trusted consultant, we have tried to offer both the creators and owners of works of art, as well as buyers and investors in the Iranian art industry, a proposal that suits their level of activity.

and we have thought about all aspects, you should choose one or more methods to work in this field according to your taste and needs.

We hope to make the art industry of Iran more prosperous in the whole world

Patron of the art of Mana

buyer Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

Instant purchase of works of art, online purchase of handicrafts, direct purchase of works of art, online purchase of works of art

1. Purchase from Iranian Art Holding online store with the use of pre- and post-purchase services, warranty and specialized transportation

Buy secure artwork online

Iranian Art Holding Store was designed and created for buying and selling works of art, expensive and luxury goods, and this is our goal to use the maximum security and information structure.

In the Iranian Art Holding online store, fans and buyers of works of art can make their purchases without any risk regarding the delivery of the work and the quality of the work, and after the delivery and confirmation of the order by finalizing the order in the user account, in addition to the unique code To inquire about the authenticity of their work, to issue permission to settle the account of the holding company and the direct seller.

Buy secure artwork online

Money back guarantee system in case of customer dissatisfaction!

At Iranian Art Holding, there is a possibility of canceling the order in case of a discrepancy between the purchased Harry’s work and the description and pictures announced on the website.

Buy secure artwork online

Correct purchase confirmation system!

In Iranian Art Holding, after purchasing, the customer can create special privileges for the artist in the Iranian Art Holding platform by creating credit for the artist of her choice

Buy secure artwork online

Effectiveness Inquiry System!

In Iranian Art Holding, you can view and receive your desired identity card by inquiring about the unique code of the work purchased in the platform’s online system in 6 living languages of the world.

Buy secure artwork online

Complete money transfer system!

In Iranian Art Holding, you can confirm and pay with tomans, dollars, digital currencies and gold.

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

Your tools in the store:

You can view various related goods and works by selecting them.

(Categories are designed and created based on field research on production capacity and, of course, demand among enthusiasts and consumers)

Art Store, Online Art Sale, Art Sales App

To see the description of the product, its features and photos, just click on that product.

(On your mobile, tablet and computer you will have access to all the features and menus)

Art Store, Online Art Sale, Art Sales App

For products with customized capabilities (with the ability to choose a specific color or unique features) or diverse in production and design, you can change the information from the menu next to the photo and see the price of your specific product

(Customization may change the price of some artwork)

Art Store, Online Art Sale, Art Sales App

Favorites list: If you are interested in keeping a product information in your account archive, click Add to My Favorites.

(Click to see your favorites)

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

Purchase conditions:

To buy from the store, just select the Add to Cart option and then select the Pony option.

(It is possible for you dear ones to receive pre-invoices and invoices, as well as to choose the conditions for sending the work for yourself or others)

Art Store, Online Art Sale, Art Sales App

Make a definite purchase:

By selecting the settlement option, you will see a complete description of the selected products in the form of a list, and by completing the buyer information and selecting the settlement method, your order will be provided to the sales confirmation unit for expertise.

You will have the ability to send purchased goods with various topics such as wedding gifts, memorials, etc. to other loved ones.

Art Store, Online Art Sale, Art Sales App

To continue tracking the sales process, you can log in to your account using the username and password chosen by you and follow the steps of your purchase until the product reaches you.

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

You need to know:

All information of sellers and suppliers of works of art is available to you dear ones to receive clear and direct information without any restrictions, but direct purchase from these loved ones will cause you to lose your support in Iranian Art Holding in all sections related to this transaction. Iranian Art Holding can not professionally provide any services and answers following direct purchases from sellers to you dear ones.Training of Iranian Art Holding site

View the menu of the online store in Iranian Art Holding




2. Buying from virtual exhibitions in Iranian Art Holding along with authentication services and international support

In this method, you refer to the tanning salon menu, and after selecting your style and artist, you can view the artist’s virtual and 3D exhibition with VR capability (3D viewing with camera or mobile phone) and, of course, detailed viewing of the works in his 2D exhibition for the work. Submit your purchase offer form of your choice

With features such as registering the price offer, buying the price, registering questions before buying and …

View the menu of virtual art exhibitions in Iranian Art Holding

Art Store, Online Art Sale, Art Sales App


3. Buying from Bazarak platform, a small market without intermediaries of artworks under Lisanis Holding Iranian Art, with the possibility of direct contact with the artist, creator or owner of the artwork.

Market without intermediaries of Iranian works of art

Why was the bazaar created?

With more than two decades of activity in the field of art in Iran and cooperation with dear artists, we realized a significant number of art creators who do not have an international brand and reputation, and some are the creators of unique works of art. They do not have the opportunity to use the existing infrastructure in the country to sell and sell their works, and unfortunately this has slowed down and sometimes cut off the path of prosperity of these great people. And has been interested in buying works of art.

Market without intermediaries of Iranian works of art

Who is the creator of the market?

Iranian Art Holding, in addition to specialized services to artists in various fields, also makes a significant investment to design and create a functional, professional, fast and easy infrastructure for displaying and selling various works of art in the form of posting advertisements in categories. Has established a variety

Market without intermediaries of Iranian works of art

What does the market do?

The ads of the owner or artist who created the work of art will be delivered in the simplest possible way and will be shown to the interested people in the world as soon as possible. Without strict censorship and expertise, it is enough for the artist to take a photo of the work Tick, simply put, registration in the market is completely free and remains free

Market without intermediaries of Iranian works of art

What is the market going to be?

It is supposed to provide professional and advanced services from us, provide works of art and share information from artists, buy and support by enthusiasts and investors, after a while bazaar, small market without buying and selling works of art, safe And in them be Iranian art and artist

Market without intermediaries of Iranian works of art

View Bazaark platform in Iranian Art Holding

Training of Iranian Art Holding site

Patron of the art of Mana

retailer Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

Art store, online art store, online sale of art, virtual sale of works of art

Opening a personal art store

Buy a reputable art site

Iranian Art Holding’s information base, as a supporter and helper of the country’s artistic community, has taken action to create a new possibility.

The opening of a completely free, well-equipped and professional store for all artists and owners of works of art with the ability to offer various works and goods to different sections of society and art friends around the world without time and place restrictions.

The service of setting up your store is available with just a few clicks and is accompanied by basic and professional training There is no cost to you

Personal art store

This possibility has been created and provided only for creators and legal owners of high-level works of art By opening a virtual store in Iranian Art Holding, you can present your creations and hand-made structures to those interested without any restrictions in the activity categories of Iranian Art Holding.

Personal art store

Just enough
– After registration (Sign up for a user account) Or login to the user account as a subscriber in your user panel
– Refer to the “Cooperation with Hanar Holding as a partner store” section and follow the instructions provided
– And in the first step, authenticate yourself And in less than 24 hours, you will face the approval of relevant experts
Complete the store opening form and after that Automatically enter your sales counter and start your activity
– After setting up the store, own a store with your own direct management.

Personal art store

with facilities such as:

  • Upload effects for online store and auction center
  • Provide educational advice and pre-purchase services to those interested
  • Ability to supply goods and works without limitation in number per day
  • Contacting customers and enthusiasts of your work and systematic support
  • Support your customers after purchase in the form of customer club services
  • Providing virtual services, sending sample works and descriptions in cyberspace
  • Provides warranty service and support for previously sold works
  • And many other services…

Personal art store

We are proud to answer you …

Personal art store

For complete information, refer to the following link and please read the content with enough patience. All the items and information that you need have been addressed.

Personal art store

Study the terms and conditions of cooperation as an online store

Personal art store

Patron of the art of Mana

auction Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

Online art auction, authentic art auction, Tehran auction, online art auction, specialized art auction

What is an auction?

In the general definition of the auction, the competitive method and style of selling goods and transactions is said to lead to the highest price offer. The auction takes real form when there are several applicants for the goods or merchandise.

Online art auction

What is Iranian Art Holding Auction?

The best way for some works of art and products is through auction (competitive) due to the limited number in production, special features, uncertain price, etc. In Iranian Art Holding, using the latest science and the latest method of holding online auctions, a very practical and professional platform has been designed and created that people can participate in this competition and buy the works offered after authentication and guaranteeing good performance.

Online art auction

Further Details :


Online standard auction with reservation price:

The best and most professional method possible now that is used on all major sites in the world.

The mechanism of this auction is the same as a regular auction, except that the seller can set a price as a reservation. Whenever the bid price is equal to or higher than the reservation price, the auto auction ends and the reservation price is recorded for the winner as the buyer. However, if the offers do not reach the reservation price, the highest bid registered in the system will be given to the seller and the decision to accept or reject this amount is the responsibility of the seller of the goods.

Starting or base price:

The minimum price at which the seller is willing to sell his goods at that price is announced at the beginning of the auction. This price is usually set by the expert.

Estimated price or value:

The price is determined by the expert at the request of the seller of the goods. This price has no role in the auction and is only listed for information.

Minimum offer factor:

The difference between the current price and the bid price is called the minimum bid, which is acceptable with the coefficient specified by the system and is in the bid amount box.

Suggestion registration:

After clicking on this option, the offer will be registered. The bidder must do this carefully, as it will not be possible to reduce or return after the bid is submitted.

Your suggestion is clear:

According to the very powerful servers of the Art Holding information base, after the successful registration of your maximum bid price, it will be displayed to the bidders in a very clear way within a maximum of 3 seconds.

Last minute suggestions:

An offer submitted within the last 5 minutes of the auction will increase the auction time by 5 minutes so that other bidders have the opportunity to increase their bid.

Unsuccessful auctions: Offerings that are not offered will have an additional 30 minutes after the specified time.

Online art auction

General conditions for participating in online auctions

The Iranian Art Holding Auction system is standardized based on the rules and regulations of the auction. These rules are designed to provide the highest quality and best support for the seller and buyer as much as possible. For this reason, the goods in the auction are available in the company’s warehouse, and if there is a second seller, the identity and background of the seller are checked and the goods are received from the seller before the auction and are kept with the art holding until the end of the auction. Also, the identity and background of the customers are examined so that the auction can be held in the best possible way.

But to avoid complications, any user who is approved by the editorial team of Art Holding or any customer who has at least one final purchase for at least 30 million Tomans, can once “request to participate in the auction” through his user panel. To send.

If approved, the company’s participation in auctions will be activated for the customer and will remain active as long as it complies with the rules.

Online art auction

Final description of participation in the auctions:

The auctions will start online on the specified date (which will be notified by the site newsletter to the subscribers ’emails and by SMS to the subscribers’ mobile numbers) with the base price and will continue for the period specified by the owner of the work.

The customers of the site, who have benefited from various services as buyers in the site of Iranian Art Holding, can now participate in the auctions as bidders by upgrading their user level. This upgrade does not include a cost level and is only enough in the account. Self-user section ” Upgrade my user level to participate in auctions ” By completing the authentication form and charging the wallet Virtual Holding (only to ensure good performance) Ability to use the menu ” Auctions “Have.

Online art auction

Auctions will be able to submit bids only by “Toman” until further notice

Online art auction

بIn order to participate and view the auctions, your virtual wallet must have a charge of at least 500,000 Tomans, and this is important when buying a product. ” Virtual wallet recharge (auction) ” It is possible.

After charging your account, you should ” Account ” The department itself ” Upgrade to participate in auctions as a customer ” By completing the authentication form, the upgrade will be done automatically (after 24 hours) and you can participate in the auctions.

Online art auction

(Level upgrade validity is 180 days and after this time, you must reactivate your account)

  • If you succeed in the auction, you can use your virtual wallet balance to pay all or part of your purchase.

Online art auction

  • If you do not win the auction, you have 3 options:
  1. Keep recharging your wallet to stay active on this upgrade and use it in other active auctions
  2. Use your virtual wallet inventory to buy from online stores with special validation services
  3. Request a refund in your user panel in the wallet section and get this amount back in your bank account

Online art auction

Conditions for holding standard online auctions from the perspective of Iran’s electronic trust symbol: (Which is exactly considered in the site of Iranian Holding)

The procedure that these businesses must follow in conducting online auctions is as follows:

1. Membership, people on the site, and participation in the auction in case of non-provision of special services must be free.
2 – Price offer, in each auction should not cost users.
3- The base price and time of each auction must be announced on the site. And after the expiration of the time allotted for the auction, it is not possible for the participants to offer a higher price.
4- Standard online auction businesses can determine the amount as a security deposit for participating in the auction, and the security deposit must be up to ten percent of the value of the goods and services, and the businesses are required to post the amount on the site before the auction. Announce to the participants.
5. These businesses are obliged to return the amount deposited for the auction (guarantee) to the rest of the participants except the first three within a maximum of two working days after the end of the auction and the identification of the first three people. This amount can be added to the participants’ account if they wish.
6- If the first person of the auction as the winner announces her cancellation of the purchase of the auctioned goods, the business can not return the guarantee amounts to this person and announce to the second person that she has won the auction. This process is applicable to a third party.
7 – Online auction businesses are required to announce the provisions of this framework to participants. In this regard, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the participants electronically before the start of each auction in the form of a citation board regarding the provisions of this framework.
8. Online auction businesses must adhere to the “Payment After Delivery” policy in their transactions. In such a way that after the delivery of the goods to the buyer and obtaining the consent of the buyer, the amount of the goods is paid.
9- These businesses are obliged to provide a list of goods and services (according to the laws and regulations prohibiting the sale in cyberspace).
10-Provide complete details about the conditions of the goods (new, second-hand and defective), warranty conditions, after-sales services, etc.
11 – The business is obliged to declare all the costs (shipping cost, insurance cost, etc.) that are the responsibility of each of the parties before the auction.
12- Online auction businesses are obliged to state in the rules and regulations of the site that the knowledge and approval of the participants is reached in accordance with the paragraph of Article 42 of the Code. The “Consumer Protection” chapter is subject to online auctions.

Online art auction

Important*: If a person wins the auction and does not make the payment on time, his auction subscription will be permanently canceled and he will not be able to participate in any auction anymore and will incur losses.

Online art auction

View the auction menu

Patron of the art of Mana

investment Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

Profitable investment, art investment, cash capital in art, art sponsor

The possibility of inviting artists and art friends in the form of a festival and festival in virtual space for your specialized advertising

A call to recognize new artists and works of art in the form of festivals and domestic and international art festivals

And a special invitation to investors and sponsors interested in the art of Iran Zameen for practical support and financial support

Art Festival and Festival

Invite artists and art lovers in the form of a festival!

Dear artists, they can register and pre-register completely free of charge in monthly, seasonal and annual festivals related to their art field. present their works in the standard formats presented in the festival (art festival), In the time of specialized and public judging, they should respond to the criticism and opinions of experts and art friends. In case of excellence, the recipient of exquisite awards will be designated.

Holding online festivals in Iran by Iranian Art Holding www.MadeInArt.ir

Conditions for participating in the festival as a presenter:

In the first stage, according to the timeline of the festivals (announced in the projects menu), each artist must complete the registration form and provide information related to himself and his proposed works, as well as provide a resume and a high-quality photo (with the announced standard) ) to complete his membership file on behalf of the festival organizing committee.

Registration in the group related to the artistic field of the artist is completely free according to the schedule of the festivals.

The image of the artwork must meet the following standards:

The name of the work, the year of creation of the work, the material of the work, specifying the horizontal or vertical nature of the work, the size of the work and a brief description of the work.

Image profile submitted by:

The smaller side is 1000 pixels and the larger side is proportional to the size of the work, the maximum size is 1 MB and with the extension Jpg.

It is also possible to send works from around the world to participate in festivals in 2 ways:



And in the last stage of registration as a user at the artist counter (free membership) in order to be in the online response section and receive reviews and related questions and the possibility of responding online, each artist must respond to the judges and visitors at the specified times. to do

For those who are interested in promoting the art of Iran and investing in the country’s artistic space as a sponsor of a festival, they are invited to take the necessary action through the sponsoring request form.

Virtual art exhibition

Investors and those interested in these festivals can also use the special advertising and information services of Iranian Art Holding and through the form” contact us “Let us know your suggestions.

It should be noted that a large part of your action in the form of personal or organizational to support young artists and Iranian art is considered and this action in addition to the following benefits will be very purposeful and effective in the development of these loved ones.

Art festival and call, Iranian art festival

Special packages for sponsoring (advertising investment) art festivals in Iranian Art Holding:

Art festival and call, Iranian art festival

30 million Toman package includes:
  • Holding festivals in a range of activity categories and sub-categories of visual arts
  • Preparing a statue with your desired name and logo along with presenting a valid certificate to the participants of the festivals
  • Calling on Art Holding’s social networks and using the most visited pages in mass communication software
  • Coordinating with 3 prominent professors of the field you are looking for to provide expert advice to the participants
  • Providing special packages to the participants in the art festival to use the services of Iranian art holding platforms
  • Register and insert your desired name and logo as a partner and investor for 1 year in Iranian Art Holding in the projects section.
  • Providing gifts and memorials for all artists participating in the festival and of course special gifts and memorials to the best

Art festival and call, Iranian art festival

50 million Toman package includes:
  • Holding festivals in a range of activity categories and sub-categories of visual arts
  • Preparing a statue with your desired name and logo along with presenting a valid certificate to the participants of the festivals
  • Calling on Art Holding’s social networks and using the most visited pages in mass communication software
  • Coordinating with 3 prominent professors of the field you are looking for to provide expert advice to the participants
  • Providing special packages to the participants in the art festival to use the services of Iranian art holding platforms
  • Register and insert your desired name and logo as a partner and investor for 1 year in Iranian Art Holding in the projects section.
  • Providing gifts and memorials for all artists participating in the festival and of course special gifts and memorials to the best
  • Submitting reports and preparing reports and information in more than 5 news agencies and emphasizing the information you are interested in in the published news
  • Creating an article in the latest news and creating an expert interview with the person introduced as an investor in the site’s blog menu

Art festival and call, Iranian art festival

100 million tomans package includes:
  • Holding festivals in a range of activity categories and sub-categories of visual arts
  • Preparing a statue with your desired name and logo along with presenting a valid certificate to the participants of the festivals
  • Calling on Art Holding’s social networks and using the most visited pages in mass communication software
  • Coordinating with 3 prominent professors of the field you are looking for to provide expert advice to the participants
  • Providing special packages to the participants in the art festival to use the services of Iranian art holding platforms
  • Register and insert your desired name and logo as a partner and investor for 1 year in Iranian Art Holding in the projects section.
  • Providing gifts and memorials for all artists participating in the festival and of course special gifts and memorials to the best
  • Registering reports and preparing reports and information in more than 10 news agencies and emphasizing the information you want in the published news.
  • Creating an article in the latest news and creating an expert interview with the person introduced as an investor in the site’s blog menu
  • Implementation of your ideas in implementation and action at every level according to the intellectual structure of the investor’s think tank in short and long term periods.
  • Use the special service menu( Click to view )

Art festival and festival in Iranian Art Holding

View the projects menu

(displaying posters of activities, collaborations and partnerships)


Patron of the art of Mana

about Iranian Art Holding خرید و فروش آثار هنری

National art call, Iranian art festival, Iran’s prestigious art biennial

National export development plan for cultural industries and works of art


Implementing the national comprehensive plan and collecting relevant information (product, knowledge and idea)

Scientific and practical empowerment of ideas, works and participants at different levels

Providing and supplying in the domestic market and receiving direct and systematic feedback

Improving the level of quality in the international field (design, quality, execution, etc.)

Providing virtual expertise in 6 languages in related markets along with buying and selling

Export in related market, international branch of works and branding of participants

Export of arts and crafts


The land of Iran as an ancient land in the fields of art and of course with the experience and expert professors of various fields of art during recent centuries, reserves without competition in the production and ability to create works of art in various fields of visual arts and of course related cultural and artistic attractions and has had valuable artistic creations as well as diversity and variety of culture and thought, and has influenced the art and civilization of other nations in different historical periods and always has a remarkable place in the world. These God-given artistic resources and practices, on the one hand, and its ancient history and civilization, on the other hand, have been the foundation and support of production and economic activities, as well as the cause of social richness and cultural diversity in all its artistic and historical periods.

Today, the art fields of ancient Iran dazzle viewers in many parts of the world. Today, every viewer who sees Iranian art and cultural works in famous international museums will see the amazing creativity and ability of Iranian creators in creating ideas and Admires historical art. Iran is a very rich country in terms of material and spiritual achievements in various fields of arts and crafts due to the existence of different ethnic groups, each of which has its own clothing, traditions and customs.

Relying on the experiences and international cultural works of art and preserving Iranian authenticity, which is full of pride and honor for the creators and artists of this trade and industry, and looking at the current human taste, in order to promote and develop Iranian art and culture, we must seriously Let’s do global marketing. Displaying, offering and presenting more artistic works and ideas through access to domestic and international markets has a decisive role in the quantity and quality of these works and the prosperity of businesses related to the Iranian art industry, which, definitely, access to the markets domestically through connecting to the domestic and virtual distribution and sales network, university art shops by professors and domestic exhibitions and galleries, activists in the fields of art sales worldwide, virtual networks and domestic and international curators, both capable Makers and artists are far easier than accessing unfamiliar and diverse, unrelated and active markets (public infrastructures that also interfere in the space of the cultural and artistic field), because the scientific and specialized competition of producers and sellers at the global level is sometimes so fierce. It is getting stuck that it does not leave any room for the professional presence of ideas, works and art products, which, in addition to the domestic and international competitive environment in the variable markets related to art and cultural industries, there are also many problems in updating the art fields, empowering Artistic ideas, the use of technology, modern science, and the connection between the art industry and the design industry, for various reasons in recent decades, and of course, the gap between the existing ideas and abilities and the emerging world of art, the needs that have been raised more than ever. observation

It is worth mentioning that combining the capacities of the capable sectors of private infrastructures and academic and government institutions in the fields of empowerment, market making, marketing and sales in a platform where appropriate coordinates for their activities are defined, new opportunities in the direction of development Communication and benefit will create a considerable network of artists.

Because the events are usually temporary events that can be the source of the effect and lead to networking and creating a new perspective in the related field and will ultimately lead to the discovery of new capacities due to the synergy of members;

And briefly, the main goal of the project; Empowering the network of artists and internationally validating Iranian artworks and handicrafts in the world

The national plan to Hami Honar Mana

We have decided to implement the largest and most comprehensive level of identification, empowerment and marketization of fields related to visual arts and related industries in the national call “Mana Art Supporter” in 2024 and in line with the realization of the goal of identification, empowerment, Commercialization and development of the market and the prosperity of art businesses and supporting the chain of attraction, generation of ideas to production of products, we have organized a “national event and call” with the following goals:

Painting festival, calligraphy festival, Irshad festival

  • Identifying the artistic capacities of the country in related fields
  • Providing comprehensive solutions in the infrastructure of international interactions and industry
  • Creating an environment of attraction, empowerment and improvement of the quantitative and qualitative level of creating works
  • Creating credibility in the international space and customizing works of art and handicrafts
  • Creating a two-way and three-way relationship between artists, knowledge bases and related markets
  • Strengthening the value chain, production and sales in the field of visual arts and handicrafts

Two years of calligraphy, two years of painting, two years of graphics

  • The main elements of the implementation of the call:

Buying and selling works of art in the world

Cultural and artistic institution supporting Mana art

During a decade of activity in Iran’s art industry and related cultural industries, the main area of empowerment is definitely to identify the existing capabilities (ideas, works, products, etc.) and create two-way communication with domestic and international target markets (enthusiasts , collectors and investors in consumer industries) knows and it is obvious that due to their infrastructural capabilities that have been designed, created and implemented in recent years for consumption and use in different layers of the art industry, they need extensive information And the expansion of the first community (creators and ideators of the artistic and cultural fields) will be to provide and lay the foundation for supporting fields in the empowerment and development of the market.


Designing the call and creating an executive chart and general and specialized committees

Providing specialized infrastructure for recruitment, expertise and leveling of works

Providing support infrastructure and empowering the consumer and member network

Internal marketing and display and internal sales on virtual and face-to-face platforms nationwide

Presentation and domestic and international marketing for the supply of works at different levels

Participation in science and culture park festivals

National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies and Cultural Industries of Academic Jihad

also with a supportive view and of course a coherent structure in the field of designing and implementing creative ecosystems in related fields, the best possible platform for implementing related actions and of course creating three-way relations between the artistic and cultural fields, performers committed to support and domestic target markets and It is international.


Cooperation in the design of the call and the creation of executive charts and general and specialized committees

Cooperation in wide information and creating two-way relations with related structures in introducing information feed consumers

Participation in Islamic Azad University festivals

Islamic Azad University, Department of Islamic Iranian Arts, Dr. Mahmoud Farshchian

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Dr. Yarzadeh, as one of the most innovative academic and art managers, as well as the creator of the master student project in the field of art education in the country, he is also a member of the project policy council and the supplier of the project implementation site and the secretariat related to the national call. are in charge


Provision of activity space in Tehran and exhibition space for the display and presentation of works of art

Cooperation in creating a team of academic experts in the country

Participation in Iran’s UNESCO festivals

National UNESCO Commission of Iran

Brand supply, creation of valid international issues in the direction of production and distribution, provision of infrastructure for the introduction and international supply of the selected works of the ecosystem, empowerment of works and support in providing international services.

National plan to support Iranian artists

  • The main steps of calling “Parts”

  1. Specialized advertisements, notification of the national call at the country level
  2. Examining and compiling information storage and instant consumption of data
  3. Use of internal exploitation, display and supply infrastructure
  4. Skill leveling of works and abilities in domestic and international space
  5. Empowerment of the ecosystem that provides services and existing capabilities
  6. Receiving orders and creating new works with a focus on the export target market
  7. Showing and offering works and offering capabilities in the international space
  8. Scientific market measurement and historiography of interactions based on analysis
  9. Operational export in related fields and publication of works in the international space
  10. Creating an ecosystem for knowledge transfer and commercialization along with complete exploitation

Authentic Iranian national call

  • Executive steps of the call ” A simple description of the steps of the activity “

After extensive information, those interested in participating in the call and using the services refer to the Art Holding website, create a user account (within 1 minute with mobile phone authentication) and automatically enter their user account and They can do the authentication steps in the sections of communication information, identity information, activity resume and sending work samples and signing the memorandum online and instantly (if the documents are ready, it takes about 5 minutes) then by experts in the information verification sections. The basis, expertise of the works, empowerment will be evaluated and if necessary, the information will be updated through the expert’s message on the portal, SMS and e-mail. Finally, after the confirmation of the authentication department by the experts, the possibility of opening the store and registering the artwork will be given. will get (each work maximum 3 minutes) and can present their works of art to participate in the competition + instant display + domestic supply and international sale.

It is obvious that he has taken steps to improve his level in the empowerment ecosystems such as basic art education, supplementary education and specialized art education, as well as training in various fields of market research, advertising and marketing in the ecosystem of the Art Holding Education Platform, and after two courses 25 (basic) and 45 days (supplementary) regarding the production and creation of works of art at an acceptable level for international supply, which will include measures such as participating in exhibitions, art fairs and planned auctions in will take

We bought your artwork

It is worth mentioning that the realization of the goals during the consecutive periods of the festival (4 times of seasonal performance in 2024) is intended by streamlining and creating infrastructures, and achieving all the goals mentioned in the first period is not expected.

Art festival support

  • The subject of the call

At first glance, the call is public and with a free theme, due to receiving and accompanying the maximum of the artistic community and covering the needs of the market

And in the specialized section, we will have special sections along with the proposal to receive the international topics of the day by UNESCO

And this can be a breakthrough in international display and sales


  • Approved specialized subjects: ( Update March 2024 )

Ancient Persia

Original decorations

Nature conservation

  • event level


  • Giving awards to the best people in the form of scholarships to empower the fields of education, exhibition and sale of works at the national and international level


  • Providing public services to all participants in the form of public education, display and presentation of works at the national and international level

Festival with fine art award

  • Separation of disciplines

8 visual disciplines + handicrafts

( 1 + 8 )

Painting ; Photography ; miniature ; calligraphy; Printing and illustration; graphics and design; sculpture and ceramics; Carpets and rugs



A store site for Iranian works of art and authentic handicrafts for international sale

  • The main indicators for evaluating works


Innovation and creativity

Using modern science and specialized market analysis in creating works and presenting ideas


Natural material

Using natural and Iranian production materials and equipment (such as focusing on the field of authentic Iranian colors)


Iranian Islamic motifs

Exploitation of Iranian, ancient, Islamic motifs, human, animal, plant motifs in presenting ideas and creating works


Ancient and traditional works

Exploitation of historical properties in the design, execution and presented ideas



Elegance and precision in the execution of the work and creation of ideas compared to the first-class works in the world


modern Art

Creating two-way communication in the creation of works and presenting ideas related to modern and up-to-date world arts


Islamic art

Exploitation of artistic mixes and Islamic symbols in creating works and presenting ideas

Iran’s biggest art event in 2024

  • Event contacts (The community receiving the call and having special services in the empowerment plan)

consisting of three main groups


  • Well-known people in the field of art


Art professors, collectors, exporters related to the industry

  • People active in the art industry


Students of related fields, art activists, educational activists, independent artists

  • People interested in arts and crafts


Enthusiasts, students, independent students, government and organizational managers

  • Operational actions (main event formats)

Virtual and in-person opening

Virtual and face-to-face information

Attracting “virtual” works and ideas

Virtual and face-to-face empowerment

Internal supply (store opening, exhibition) Virtual and in person

Virtual and in-person festival

International supply (store and exhibition translation) “virtual and in person

Summary of the “virtual and face-to-face” course

Authentic art site and good craft app

  • How do I proceed?

If you are an idea maker, creator of works of art, owner of a style or a work of art in the categories active in the national call; Become a member of the user account section of the site and on the first page of your user account, follow the path to participate in the national call for patrons of Mana art (authentication, store registration and works registration)…

The site of the national call for art

By scanning the image below with your mobile phone, you will access the information on this page

You can send this image to loved ones who may be interested in attending the call

Free call art

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Selling works of art abroad and pricing works of art

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