To accompany you in Iran's art industry, we have a variety of services

Enthusiasts, artists, investors and even art galleries and curators

In the service description section of the site, we have provided all the tools and capabilities you need in a detailed and listed manner.
So that you can efficiently use the services of Iranian Art Holding's information base

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Iranian Art Holding is a platform consisting of a website and applications with more than 12 general and specialized sub-sets that can be used by different strata active in the Iranian art industry.

Buying and selling works of art in Iran

Support plan

More than 80% of the services provided on active platforms are completely free or up to 90% free, and the reason for this action and decision is to find ideas, discover new talents, remove the financial factor in the growth of contemporary artists and create two-way communication in the artistic community. and those interested in different fields of visual arts in Iran and the world

(such as Bazarak platform, a small market without intermediaries of Iranian artworks, which is very functional and completely free)

Site for buying and selling works of art and handicrafts

universal coverage

The market development research team at Hanar Holding has tried to consider a practical proposal for starting activity and companionship for all people with any level of ability and interest, and currently with specialized stratification by the holding’s expert team for all levels F to A in Iran and We have created a world of accessible and very practical services.

(such as the holding store, which covers the purchase and sale of Iranian top tier products and global B level, and the vip section, which only covers the world’s top grade A global products)

Selling works of art in Dubai and the world as a specialty

Easy to use and practical

In order to simplify the use of new services in the virtual space, all services on this platform have been designed and created in the simplest possible way to access and use, and you can use all services without the need for any technical knowledge.

(For example, opening an international exhibition that by entering the exhibition portal in 4 steps and spending about 15 minutes, you can open and use the permanent and international exhibition of your works)

Buying works of art and handicrafts without intermediaries

Professional and permanent support

You can use more than 10 different methods to get in touch with the support units of Iranian Art Holding in any part of using the capabilities of this platform. In this part, due to international activity, we have no time limit and you can contact us at any hour. Communicate with our consultants 24/7.

(Like the icon in the bottom corner of the image, which is active in all tabs after 15 seconds and provides you with more than 10 contact methods and even online consultation or request to register a consultant’s call)

Application for buying and selling works of art

Innovation and international coverage of service delivery

Perhaps it can be said that the main issue in all technical departments and infrastructures of Art Holding sites and applications is to do something that no other person or group can do or can do with this quality, actually providing innovation in the international field. The main concern of the supervisor team at Iranian Art Holding and the Art Cultural Institute is the supporter of Mana art.

(such as 6-language platforms, international payment portals and digital currency, providing specialized services in the field of expertise and authenticity, and specialized artistic Android and iOS applications, etc.)

Buying and selling handicrafts and works of art

Contact with us

Enthusiasts and students in the category of providing services to people with little experience in various art fields, such as those interested in receiving art training, creating works, and buying basic works of art

Buying and selling works of art in Iran

Artists and collectors of works of art are referred to in the category of providing services to people with experience in creating, producing, and buying and selling works of art in various categories of visual arts.

Applications for selling works of art

Art galleries and curators in the category of providing services to institutions, structures and people active in the field of display and buying and selling of Iranian works of art in domestic and international markets.

Selling artwork on Instagram

Capitalists and artistic thinkers are referred to in the category of providing services to individuals and organizations with cash capital or idea capital and ideas that can be exploited in the artistic and international fields.

Selling artworks in nft

How to sell works of art abroad

Selling works of art on the Internet

Selling artwork on Amazon

Selling works of art in Dubai

Selling paintings in Kuwait

Selling works of art on Instagram, selling works of art on nft, applications for selling works of art, selling paintings in Kuwait, selling works of art in Dubai, selling works of art

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