Expert and valid historiography and scientific and experimental works of art

Formal art degree with marketing and marketing of your exquisite works and objects in Iran and the world

Following the agreements made with respected professors in various fields of art, providing special services to the holding company
We have provided specialized and basic expertise for works of art, precious stones and related precious objects
Using the experience and knowledge of legal experts in the field of issuing valid birth certificates for works of art and exquisite objects

Description of services that can be provided in the specialized expert section

Iranian Art Holding is by your side as an honest consultant in all stages

As in section weblog Menu site General education You can see the site during the past years, following the request of enthusiasts and investors of works of art and precious stones, and collectors of antiques and antiques, and receiving various messages, we sought professional training and information in this field, and various articles and We have created and inserted a very comprehensive field of expertise in works of art and methods of recognizing works of art and precious stones.

Bachelor of Ancient Iranian Antiques

Successful and of course unsuccessful experiences of customers and members of the site in the field of using the expertise of objects and works by various individuals and organizations inside and outside the country also led to the beginning of cooperation with the best professors in the world to support enthusiasts and capital. Presenters of different fields of art in the advanced platform of Iranian Art Holding, observing professional principles and, more importantly, support in marketing and marketing, and of course, at the discretion of the sales owner …

Bachelor of Precious and Underground Stones

Various disciplines can be supported in this plan:

Bachelor of Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Bachelor of Jewelry and Precious Objects, Bachelor of Ancient Artwork in the fields of Miniature – Painting – Calligraphy, Bachelor of Sculpture with various materials (stones, metals, etc.), Bachelor of Antique Objects (pen) , Fund, etc.), BS of unconventional works of art

Official bachelor of antiques and old works of art

Various services that can be provided in this plan:

Dendrochronology, Microscopy, UV Photography, Thermoluminas, Chromatography, Microbial Sampling, Material Diagnosis, Hardness Testing, Transparency Testing, History Inquiry and Authentication, Identity Based Detection Based on History and Field Information, Archaeomagnetism, Amino Acid Dating and Carbon 14

Secret expertise in works of art and antiques

Artwork pricing, painting certificate

Steps of using expert services of works of art and precious objects

Part of this action will be absent and part will definitely require the presence of the owner and the object in the laboratory
Support and Action in Iran - Tehran, Isfahan and Thailand - Bangkok and Emirate - Dubai and USA - New York
Complete the application form

Be sure to provide accurate basic information, such as: Weight, clear image and…

Estimate the initial cost

Basic estimation of the price of the object and the cost of various types of expertise and issuance of identity cards

Basic and comprehensive bachelor's degree

According to the choice of the owner, the action for expertise and sale of the object

Just fill out this form to receive a bachelor’s degree And to sell or export nft or … from the related menus

Please try to complete all the fields

The price of handmade paintings, the price of oil paintings

"*" indicates required fields

Record effect or object information

You can also record the information you guess with parentheses, for example (about 200 years)
Originality of the work (if you know)
Is it for sale?
Number of effects / object
Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, Max. file size: 1 MB.

Financial department of undergraduate services

The choice of service level is up to you, preliminary level response is done only through email
(After completing the form, you can also upgrade your form from the wallet top-up menu in the user account)
Your desired service level*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The price of handmade paintings, the price of oil paintings

If you have trouble reducing the size of your photos, reduce the size of your photos from the site Resize Photos In the wigth section, use the number 500, select the quality number 85, and after uploading and resizing, download the final file and use it in this form.

If you have a problem to send by the above loading system, after completing all the fields of the form, by receiving the tracking code, you can send the mentioned items to by registering the tracking code of your form in the email. here you are

And if you do not have access to e-mail, you can contact the support units of Iranian Art Holding to send the works as a DVD.

The price of handmade paintings, the price of oil paintings

You can also take effective action to support this art and artists in cyberspace platforms to support Iranian art and artists.

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Buy and sell works of art, buy and sell works of art

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